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Hubble's new Solar Panels



Hubble's new Solar Panels at ESTEC, Noordwijk

30 October 2000 The SA3 Disturbance Verification Test has been successfully completed. Eighteen orbit simulation runs were conducted over four days of testing. Preliminary analysis indicates that no disturbances were observed which were large enough to cause the Hubble Space Telescope to lose a "lock" on a focused object. Full analysis will be completed by engineers back at the Goddard Space Flight Center.

The LSS chamber doors were opened this afternoon. Today engineers plan a short characterization check of the test instrumentation prior to its removal from the chamber. Technicians will then carefully hoist the Solar Array Wing from the chamber and secure it on its ground handling dolly. The last task will be to pack all the data acquisition computer equipment and to secure the Solar Array flight hardware in preparation for the C5 flight back to the United States.


NASA technicians and engineers begin test breakdown by removing thermal blankets and instrumentation gauges.


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NASA engineers are very excited to see preliminary data from the Disturbance Verification Test.



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