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Leonids 2001
Leonids rose to the occasion - despite bad weather 17-Jan-2001 One of the most exciting things about meteor showers is their sheer unpredictability. Just when astronomers think they know all about a particular shower, something happens to spring a surprise. One of the least predictable of the annual meteor showers is the Leonids, which appears each year around 16-18 November. This year bad weather hampered the observation efforts of ESA scientists, nevertheless their efforts did not go unrewarded. More
Leonids 2000: Spectacular display or damp squib? 10-Nov-2000 Read about the predictions for 2000 More
Look at and listen to the Leonids with ESA Science 10-Nov-2000 Read more about the three different observational campaigns involving scientists from the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in The Netherlands. More

Leonids 2000: Reports from observation sites - Latest update 27-Nov-2000

18-Nov 19:50 UT - Looking at the Leonids
Joe Zender reports on the ESA/SSD and 'Meteor Werkgroep' campaign
23-Nov 12:10 UT - Listening to the Leonids
Jean-Pierre Lebreton reports on a successful 7 day listening campaign,
including a meteor captured on video!
17-Nov 18:00 UT - Tell-tale flashes on the Moon
Report from Håkan Svedhem on his first night of observations.

Information from the International Meteor Organization (IMO)

IMO Science Note on expectations for the Leonids in 2000

IMO glossary of terms

Contribution from the Public Observatory of Middelburg, NL

Members of the "Philippus Lansbergen" Observatory report on their observations from Oostkapelle.
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