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Leonids 2000 reports
22-Nov-2000 - The following report was received from Rijk-Jan Koppejan of the "Philippus Lansbergen" Public Observatory in Middelburg, Holland.
Members of our Observatory observed the return of the Leonids from Oostkapelle. The first night, 16/17 November, was a bit disappointing. We had a great deal of fine clear weather, but from 11:45 until 06:00 (UT) we only counted 15 meteors: 1 Taurid en 14 Leonids.

The second night started awfully: too many clouds and too much rain. At about 02:00 we arrived at our location in Oostkapelle. The weather was still very bad, but we were hoping for the best.

Within one half-hour, from 02:32 to 03:02, we observed 17 Leonids between and through the clouds. That was even more than the whole of the night before! At 03:11 a very bright Leonid, with a long persistent trail, flew through the sky, right in the Zenith. We knew something was happening up there, but we couldn't witness it! (What a shame.)

From 04:30 the sky became a bit brighter, but our Lm at around 3 - 4 makes clear that the circumstances were still not very good. However, we were very glad that we could see something after all. Between 04:30 and 06:00 we counted 132 Leonids!

In total we observed 183 Leonids during the night of 17/18 November. Because of the many clouds, our observations will probably be of no use, but for most of us it was a night to remember.

Find out more about the Observatory's activities on their website at http://www.lansbergen.demon.nl/

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