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Lake Eda

ESA's team of Australian adventurers is made up of four scientists. Detlef Koschny, Joe Zender and André Knöfel will be looking for Leonids, while Roland Trautner will be carrying out trials with a prototype instrument, called the Mutual Impedance probe, and measuring changes in the electric field of the atmosphere. The fifth member of the group, Olivier Witasse, will be supporting their efforts from the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC).

The team's travels will begin with a flight from the Netherlands on 10 November. After their arrival in Perth, they will pay a short visit to the New Norcia ground station which is being built to support ESA's Rosetta mission to Comet Wirtanen.

On arrival in Broome, 1500 km to the north of Perth, the team will collect their four-wheel drive camper cars for the expedition into the outback to their final destination - Lake Eda.

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