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ESA's Leonids 2001 campaign

More details on the Leonids 2001 campaign in Australia

ESA's Leonids pages from previous years

Leonids 2000

Leonids 1999

ESOC Leonids pages

Spacecraft warning and real-time data from the European Space Operations Centre

Images of the Leonids Leonids 2001 Meteor gallery

NASA Near-Live Leonid Watching System (share your photos or images of Leonid meteors with others)

Other web sites with interesting articles about the Leonids - SPECIAL REPORT: 2001 Leonid Meteor Shower

Astronomers Anticipate Meteor "Storm" on November 18th (Sky & Telescope)

Heads up: Here comes the Leonids (from

The Leonids in History (from Sky & Telescope)

The Leonids: King of the Meteor Showers (by Joe Rao, Sky & Telescope)

Leonids 1833: The night of raining Fire (by Richard Sanderson, Sky & Telescope)

Leonid meteors likely to storm this November (by Roger W. Sinnott, Sky & Telescope)

Leonids may short satellites (A Nature science update)

The 2001 Leonid Meteor shower (information leaflet from the Royal Observatory Greenwich)

Leonids from Leo (Astronomy Picture of the Day)

Jaw dropping Leonids (from Science@NASA)

International Leonid watch (bulletin board dedicated to the Leonids)


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