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Living the Leonids with ESA Science

18-Nov-1999 "From here the peak was around 2 200 meteors at 02:13", reported an excited Michael Schmidhuber, ESA's man from aboard the international plane at 03:08 UT, calling in from somewhere over Greece to the waiting scientists gathered at the forum desk at ESTEC.


22 November - Spanish diary updated

2:07 UT Image received at 2:07 UT at ESA/ESTEC from the Calar Alto ESA observing team (Jo Zender ESA/SSD, Marc Neijts and Joost Hartman (IMO/Werkgroep Meteoren), Spain, image credit: ESA
2:00 UT - Report from ESA's Michael Schmidhuber on the international plane over the Mediterranean that they are seeing 1800 meteors per hour! And the peak is still to come.
See also ESOC chart
Fireball over Portugal: new pictures show its radio signature
Just a note!
This is the sound of a Leonid recorded by the ESA/SSD radio team last night - more to come tonight? For an explanation of how they are conducting their experiments see previous story, more details on the Solar System homepage

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