Transcript of ESA Leonids99 chat forum 17 November

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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:06:46 PM)
Welcome to the ESA Science web forum.

mikaela (17-Nov-99 8:07:10 PM)
whats the diffrence between a meteroid and an astriod

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 8:07:40 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:08:03 PM)
A meteorid is a dust particle which orbits the Sun. There are millions of t

them. Asteroids are larger bodies made of rock and metal, most of them orbit between mars and jupieter

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:09:04 PM)
Welcome again Victor

Victor (17-Nov-99 8:09:28 PM)
John Thanks you

Ben (17-Nov-99 8:09:48 PM)
How fast do comets travel?

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:09:55 PM)
Hi hhh from Garching - how are conditions with you?

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:10:45 PM)
Comets travel at different speeds, mostly very fast. tempel tuttle goes at 71 km per sec

Victor (17-Nov-99 8:10:56 PM)
John The observations of NASA I think are with radio

Mike (17-Nov-99 8:11:50 PM)
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sakis (17-Nov-99 8:11:56 PM)
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Cooper (17-Nov-99 8:12:05 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:12:08 PM)
Hello Mike - where are you joining us from

Mike (17-Nov-99 8:12:19 PM)
England, UK.

Mike (17-Nov-99 8:12:35 PM)
I am going to watch the shower at work tonight :)

sakis (17-Nov-99 8:12:49 PM)
will the ahoqwe become visible from eastern UK?

Rich - Kansas City (17-Nov-99 8:12:51 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:12:52 PM)
Hi sakis and cooper, where are you watching from? Here in Holland the sky has just cleared dramatically

Spock (17-Nov-99 8:13:01 PM)
I'am from Germany, but it's still cloudy

sakis (17-Nov-99 8:13:16 PM)
the sky is clear in the UK

Cooper (17-Nov-99 8:13:17 PM)
Things here in Boston are clear as a bell and cold!

Mike (17-Nov-99 8:13:18 PM)
sakis, yes if the cloud stays away

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:13:22 PM)
what's an ahoqwe?

wolfgang (17-Nov-99 8:13:32 PM)
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Mike (17-Nov-99 8:13:34 PM)
I saw the fireballs last year.

Rich - Kansas City (17-Nov-99 8:13:51 PM)
Good viewing tonight in middle-America...clear and 50F

Victor (17-Nov-99 8:14:06 PM)
Here in Gran Canaria it's somewhat rainy... yesterday all the island were clouded (yes, I checked it all!!)

Rich - Kansas City (17-Nov-99 8:14:27 PM)
Locations, everyone?

sakis (17-Nov-99 8:14:35 PM)
about what time is the shower supposed to start (UK)?

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:14:50 PM)
the chance is remote - once every 50 to 100 years, like tunguska in 1908

Rich - Kansas City (17-Nov-99 8:14:58 PM)
In U.K., predicted peak is 01:10hrs.

Cooper (17-Nov-99 8:15:05 PM)
Does anyone know how reliable the "meteors/hour" reading is on the LeonidsLive homepage? (as compared to last year, perhaps)

sakis (17-Nov-99 8:15:11 PM)
thanks Rich

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:15:12 PM)
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Mike (17-Nov-99 8:15:15 PM)
Sakis, anytime after midnight, 2 am is the max.

Spock (17-Nov-99 8:15:33 PM)
3:08 MEZ in Germany

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:15:41 PM)
Cooper That page shows radio observations...

Cooper (17-Nov-99 8:16:04 PM)
So that has nothing to do with visual observations?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:16:08 PM)
Cooper Some people have pointed that the real rate is about 1/3 or 1/2 that

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:16:23 PM)
(In the visual range, of course)

Thomas (17-Nov-99 8:16:24 PM)
How is the weather on the Canaries? Here at Darmstadt it's still cloudy. Are you observing on a mountain?

Rich - Kansas City (17-Nov-99 8:16:32 PM)
For you people in Europe...and sightings this early in the evening?

Andreu (17-Nov-99 8:16:51 PM)
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Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:16:52 PM)
Thomas In the mountains *here* is clouded, I am now at sea level

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:16:59 PM)
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Cooper (17-Nov-99 8:17:10 PM)
Thanks Victor...I didn't want to base my search on an inaccurate report

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:17:54 PM)
We are now being joined by Gerhard Schwehm, the ESA Rosetta project scientist and comet expert

Rich - Kansas City (17-Nov-99 8:18:07 PM)
Is most of Europe clouded over tonight?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:18:16 PM)
Cooper One thing is clear: the activity is increasing. A radio report from Japan talks about 56 some hours ago (which is in concordance with that of NASA)

Rich - Kansas City (17-Nov-99 8:18:41 PM)
Cooper, can one ever "hear" a meteor go overhead, or disintegrate?

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:18:47 PM)
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Mike (17-Nov-99 8:18:47 PM)
is that 56 per hour ?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:19:09 PM)
Mike 56 radio reflections per hour, yes :-)

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:19:27 PM)
Yes, you can hear meteors with radio signals. you can hear an example on our site ;

Mike (17-Nov-99 8:19:40 PM)
I saw 3 shooting stars last night, one had a very long tail.

willem (17-Nov-99 8:19:51 PM)
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Spock (17-Nov-99 8:19:55 PM)
In Hannover(Germany) it is also cloudy, but i hope it will better at midnight

Rich - Kansas City (17-Nov-99 8:19:56 PM)
I once heard that some meteors will actually make a hissing sound as they go over...

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:19:56 PM)
Hi willem

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:20:14 PM)
3 per night is the normal background rate

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:20:17 PM)
Rich That needs to be probed yet :)

Rich - Kansas City (17-Nov-99 8:20:34 PM)
Never heard it in all my years of observing...

Ilkka (17-Nov-99 8:20:40 PM)
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Cooper (17-Nov-99 8:20:52 PM)
I would get a little nervous if I started to HEAR meteors!

willem (17-Nov-99 8:21:28 PM)
High victor , I am just lookin in to wish all of you a very suceesful observing I saw the the numbers arealready up a bit

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:21:50 PM)
willem Thanks you very much

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:21:56 PM)
People do say that you can indeed hear them!

mikaela (17-Nov-99 8:22:04 PM)
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Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:22:18 PM)
When is to be launch the Rosetta mission?

Cooper (17-Nov-99 8:22:25 PM)
Yes, this was a question I asked earlier. Gerhard, how close is the correlation between the report of meteors/hour and visual sightings?

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:22:25 PM)
but with reflected radio waves you can get a ping and see a graph

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:23:11 PM)
The radar plots do not have much to do with the visual observations.

Cooper (17-Nov-99 8:23:20 PM)
Have a great viewing everyone!

willem (17-Nov-99 8:23:25 PM)
for your information at least in Madrid the wheather looks to hold up . too bad all the lights nowadays

Rich - Kansas City (17-Nov-99 8:23:34 PM)
Gerhard, how long will we be able to see the Leonids, that is, over how many nights?

Cooper (17-Nov-99 8:23:38 PM)
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Stargazer (17-Nov-99 8:23:41 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:23:51 PM)
The weather is clearing here in Holland so fingers crossed!

goldfish (17-Nov-99 8:24:17 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:24:34 PM)
If we are lucky two nights - tonight and maybe also tomorrow. But look tonight because that should be the peak of actvity

Ben (17-Nov-99 8:24:52 PM)
How much chance is there of seeing a meteorite.?

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:25:17 PM)
If the sky is clear you have a good chance tonight!

Stargazer (17-Nov-99 8:25:24 PM)
what time is the best to watch the leonides?

Rich - Kansas City (17-Nov-99 8:25:44 PM)
a METEOR is what we see in the sky. a METEORITE is a meteor that falls to earth. FYI:)

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:25:53 PM)
Ben A meteor is a shooting star. A meteorite some spacial rock that hits the surface... so I hope not to see very much!

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:25:57 PM)
The peak is predicted for -02:08 Universal time, where are you and we'll try to give local time

Stargazer (17-Nov-99 8:26:14 PM)

Rich - Kansas City (17-Nov-99 8:26:31 PM)
Is it clear or cloudy in Luxembourg?

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:26:36 PM)
Whats the sky like in Luxembourg??

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:26:45 PM)
Same as here then, 03:08 but we advise you to look from around 11:00

Stargazer (17-Nov-99 8:26:45 PM)
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sakis (17-Nov-99 8:26:47 PM)
Dear Moderator, Cambridge UK

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:27:03 PM)
Welcome Sakis!

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:27:18 PM)
Hello Sakis, Whats the sky like in Cambridge UK?

Mike (17-Nov-99 8:27:27 PM)
bye folks, Good Spotting !!!!!!!!!

sakis (17-Nov-99 8:27:43 PM)
Sky is clear here. When is the shower supposed to start?

vulcan (17-Nov-99 8:27:48 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:27:48 PM)
bye mike,, thanks for joining, come again

goldfish (17-Nov-99 8:27:59 PM)
I plan to observe tonight in California, how can I find out if the meteor STORM has happened in a nother part of the world?

Hans (17-Nov-99 8:27:59 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:28:14 PM)
Hi Vulcan, where are yiou watching the Leonids from??

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:28:15 PM)
sakis, the show could start after 10:00 your time, best at 02:00

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:28:24 PM)
Rich There are reports from US that talks about a great fireball yesterday seen on various states... Have you heard anything?

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:28:40 PM)
Goldfish, keep watching this site!

Andreu (17-Nov-99 8:28:49 PM)
What about that press note saying will be feasible to see impacts over the moon ? A loss of time ?

Stargazer (17-Nov-99 8:28:52 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:29:32 PM)
There are some experiments running to observe impacts on the moon, our own guy is in Tenerife

vulcan (17-Nov-99 8:29:35 PM)
Hello! I am vulcan from INDIA.

Hans (17-Nov-99 8:29:38 PM)
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Stargazer (17-Nov-99 8:29:46 PM)
the sky is cloudy in is raining at the moment

vulcan (17-Nov-99 8:29:53 PM)
Here it is 01:00 AM of 18/11/99 morning

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:29:55 PM)
Welcome Vulcan from India. did you see anything last year?

Rich - Kansas City (17-Nov-99 8:30:13 PM)
Good question, Goldfish. Can anyone recommend a reliable web site that will provide instant updating of worldwide activity?

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:30:31 PM)
Stargazer, dont give up hope! It was raining here in Holland one hour ago but its clear now.

Stargazer (17-Nov-99 8:30:31 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:30:33 PM)
Yes, ours!!

vulcan (17-Nov-99 8:30:41 PM)
India is GMT+05:30 hrs

luke (17-Nov-99 8:30:48 PM)
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Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:31:01 PM)
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Spock (17-Nov-99 8:31:12 PM)
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Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:31:17 PM)

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:31:20 PM)
Vulcan, you might around dawn ....

vulcan (17-Nov-99 8:31:32 PM)

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:31:44 PM)
Hi Luke and Gandowin. Where are you watching the Leonids from??

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:31:53 PM)

luke (17-Nov-99 8:32:04 PM)
The Netherlands

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:32:16 PM)
John Do you know if the people from Calar Alto observed last night?

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:32:18 PM)
but i don`t think i am going to see much*g*

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:32:30 PM)
clouds, clouds, clouds

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:32:51 PM)
Are the conditions in Austria cloudy?

luke (17-Nov-99 8:33:00 PM)
Have you received any sightings from Asia, Australia or the Middle East, etc?

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:33:06 PM)

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:33:25 PM)
thick as a wall

Ben (17-Nov-99 8:33:32 PM)
What time are the meteors going to start in Holland?

luke (17-Nov-99 8:33:32 PM)
What exactly have they reported?

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:33:34 PM)
Victor - We believe they observed in Calar alto but saw little activity

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:33:43 PM)
We heard that China, Japan and Hawaii already had some sightings

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:34:19 PM)
Shame for you Gandowin.

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:34:24 PM)
Ben - start looking at 11.00pm - the best should be after 1.00am

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:34:32 PM)
Stay with us to hear how they get on in Spain

luke (17-Nov-99 8:34:38 PM)
Was there a lot of activity in those 3 places?

goldfish (17-Nov-99 8:34:47 PM)
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Ben (17-Nov-99 8:35:09 PM)
Is aney one here from any of those countries?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:35:24 PM)
John Hmm.. same near Calar Alto, on Cordoba 12 leonids on 3 hours :(

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:35:37 PM)
the reports from Japan said slightly below expectations, but reports from malta were impressive.

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:36:01 PM)
27 leonids per hour from Malta this morning.

luke (17-Nov-99 8:36:30 PM)
Malta sounds great! Is anyone prepared to attempt to photograph?

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:36:34 PM)
does anybody know where i can watch this miracle on the web?

willem (17-Nov-99 8:36:35 PM)
that looks ggod I will see tonight if we can match that .have a good time bye

willem (17-Nov-99 8:36:47 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:37:04 PM)
Gandowin - we are going to try to bring you pictures from Spain ....

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:37:21 PM)
where can i see them?

Rich - Kansas City (17-Nov-99 8:37:45 PM)
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Thomas (17-Nov-99 8:37:50 PM)
Hi all, I have joined you Ruediger Jehn

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:37:50 PM)
We will notify you here and put them on

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:38:04 PM)
thank you very much!

vulcan (17-Nov-99 8:38:09 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:38:28 PM)
Welcome thomas and rudiger

luke (17-Nov-99 8:39:08 PM)
Will any of the major observatories collect data?If yes, What will they do with this data?

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:39:33 PM)
We are now joined by Rudiger Jehn and Thomas Muller from ESA's Space Operations centre in Darmstadt, Germany. They are experts on predictions of activity and hazards to spacecraft. pleas3e give them your questions.

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:40:12 PM)
Rudiger - have you had any radar reports of meteors?

Andreu (17-Nov-99 8:40:18 PM)
Then, a meteor shower is a real hazard ?

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:40:18 PM)
i heard that the ESA put up a weatherbaloon or something like that

sakis (17-Nov-99 8:40:20 PM)
moderator, when did you say the shower was supposed to start in Cambridge, UK?

Thomas (17-Nov-99 8:41:06 PM)
Radar activity in Canada gives us a rate between 30 and 60 meteors per hour

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:41:21 PM)
The shower might start in cambridge after 10:00 - peak at around 02:08

luke (17-Nov-99 8:41:35 PM)
We will notice any change in services provided by satellites that are being altered because of the showers during this period?

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:41:37 PM)
I dont believe that ESA has put up a weather balloon. But we do have a member of ESA on an international aircraft flight way above the clouds.

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 8:41:49 PM)
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Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:42:24 PM)
Hello Ruediger

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:42:47 PM) TV lies at the end*g*

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:42:53 PM)
Rudiger can you answer Andreu - are they a hazard for us?

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 8:43:10 PM)
NASA is operating th weather balloon

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:43:25 PM)
so there must e a mistake*g*

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:43:28 PM)

Andreu (17-Nov-99 8:43:35 PM)
No, I am sorry, I meant a hazard for the satelites.

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 8:43:59 PM)
The Leonids burn up in the sky. They are only a risk for satellites

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:44:33 PM)
Luke - a lot of the major observatories will be observing this event. They publish their data quickly on the net and then follow that up with a full publication in the scientific journals.

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 8:44:38 PM)
If you are feel "damaged" if a TV satellite fails, then YES, you are at RISK

Andreu (17-Nov-99 8:45:02 PM)
Not tonight :-)

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 8:45:32 PM)
Victor: are you the guy from yesterday?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:45:56 PM)
Ruediger Yes, I am :-)

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 8:46:02 PM)
I left a lot of question unanswered, raise them again

luke (17-Nov-99 8:46:16 PM)
John What exactly could they learn from this event?

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:46:54 PM)
Thomas - what is the difference between predicting asteroids and meteors?

sakis (17-Nov-99 8:47:16 PM)
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luke (17-Nov-99 8:47:20 PM)
Good question!

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 8:47:21 PM)
Hi folks, check out our web site: ...

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:47:41 PM)
Luke - we learn something about comets where these particles come from and how this stuff is ejected from the comet and then moves through space. If we could collect this stuff, we would know more about the composition of this comet.

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:47:54 PM)
Ruediger - how often are your radar plots updated?

Thomas (17-Nov-99 8:48:04 PM)
Predicting asteroid orbits works quite well, predicting meteors not always...

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:48:47 PM)
Thomas - are the meteors with comet Tempel Tuttle from the last orbit 3 years ago?

Andreu (17-Nov-99 8:48:59 PM)
Well guys, I must left. A pleasure. (by the way : Near Barcelona clear, windy and cold. Good luck)

Thomas (17-Nov-99 8:49:04 PM)
Orbits of individual bodies are much easier to calculate then the orbits of streams of particles

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:49:24 PM)
Ruediger & Thomas - Did the scientists get their predictions wrong last year or were they right??

Andreu (17-Nov-99 8:49:29 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:49:30 PM)
Bye Andrue thanks

Sandy (17-Nov-99 8:49:50 PM)
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luke (17-Nov-99 8:49:50 PM)
Does anyone have any ideas about what the composition usually is?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:49:53 PM)
Ruidiger How are going this year predictions??

Thomas (17-Nov-99 8:50:41 PM)
I guess most of the particles we will see tonight are comming from the comet passage 1899, but there are also particles from older and more recent passages

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:50:58 PM)
Luke - Sometimes a meteor reaches the ground and they end up in museums. So we know the composition of those. But are they all like that - ?????????

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 8:51:14 PM)
Thomas and I share ONE keyboard so when he is typing I am watching ...

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:51:29 PM)
Same here guys1

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 8:51:51 PM)
We currently update our webpage every hour

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:52:08 PM)
Thomas - are the bigger particles older?

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 8:52:22 PM)
When the rate gets beyond 100 meteor per hour we will do it more frequently

luke (17-Nov-99 8:52:31 PM)
Are there any records of someone collecting particles in 1899 and trying to figure their composition?

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 8:52:34 PM)
But now its still calm ...

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:52:53 PM)
Rudiger - so does that mean the plots are from one hour ago?

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 8:53:16 PM)
The plots are between 1 and 59 minutes old ...

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:53:41 PM)
Gerhard knows of no particles in museums from 1899 - does anyone else?

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:53:53 PM)
Thanks R!

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 8:54:06 PM)
Victor: my personal prediction is 400 for tonight (a bit pessimistic). Official estimates are 1500

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:54:17 PM)
Hello Sandy - where are you joining from?

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 8:54:27 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:54:59 PM)
Hello Dizzy Devil - we are putting questions to Rudiger Jehna spacecraft expert and Thomas Muller asteroid expert

Sandy (17-Nov-99 8:55:11 PM)
From Aberdeen, Scotland

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:55:28 PM)
Are the skies clear in Aberdeen?!

Thomas (17-Nov-99 8:55:47 PM)
Spectroscopy of meteors has been performed by several people. THe composition reflects more or less the composition of the comets (as one would expect)

mimmi (17-Nov-99 8:56:02 PM)
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mimmi (17-Nov-99 8:56:15 PM)

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:56:19 PM)
Hi mimmi

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 8:56:28 PM)
Too bad. Skies here in Hamburg, Germany are overcast.

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:56:30 PM)
Ruediger 400... But very dimms...

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:56:35 PM)

Sandy (17-Nov-99 8:56:38 PM)
Patchy. There have been intermittent snow osleet showers all day. Cold! I am hopeful the skies will clear later.

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:56:52 PM)
Hmmmmm sandy!

mimmi (17-Nov-99 8:57:02 PM)
koennt ihr mir mitteilen wo man mit einer livecam die sternschnuppennacht beobachten kann

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 8:57:19 PM)
Is the meteor shower visible anywhere right now ?

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:57:46 PM)

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:57:47 PM)
mimmi - ich such auch

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 8:58:00 PM)
Dizzy - we haven't had any reports of high activity yet

luke (17-Nov-99 8:58:00 PM)
Thomas Could you give examples of typical compositions?

mimmi (17-Nov-99 8:58:01 PM)
und hast schon was gefunden gandowin

Thomas (17-Nov-99 8:58:12 PM)
Yes, John, there was one asteroid named this year after somebody from ESA (I guess its me)

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:58:22 PM)
leider noch nichts, was sich lohnen würde

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 8:58:28 PM)
Was sucht Ihr ?

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:58:38 PM)

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 8:58:49 PM)
Thomas Greetings!

mimmi (17-Nov-99 8:58:51 PM)
schade, hier bei uns ist alles voller wolken habe mich schon so darauf gefreut

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 8:58:56 PM)

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:58:59 PM)

mags (17-Nov-99 8:59:04 PM)
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Ruediger (17-Nov-99 8:59:06 PM)
Livecameras: goto IMO webpage and you find links to all people involved in the Leonids ...

mimmi (17-Nov-99 8:59:07 PM)
wo bist du her

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:59:08 PM)
nichts als wolken

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:59:21 PM)
wir wissen von keiner live webcam site

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 8:59:32 PM)
ICH ? Hamburg

mimmi (17-Nov-99 8:59:33 PM)

mags (17-Nov-99 8:59:37 PM)
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mimmi (17-Nov-99 8:59:44 PM)
komm aus der münchner gegend

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 8:59:44 PM) glaube ich

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 8:59:51 PM)
bye mags

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 8:59:53 PM)

mimmi (17-Nov-99 9:00:23 PM)
danke ruediger, versuch es gerade

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:00:30 PM)
IMO server is down. 2 year in a row :(

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 9:00:44 PM)
hmmm.....not good

mimmi (17-Nov-99 9:00:47 PM)
schade, stimmt geht nicht

mimmi (17-Nov-99 9:00:52 PM)

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 9:01:32 PM)
Am 08.11 hatten wir ein riesen meteorit über Hamburg. Kommt das auch von diesen shower ?

mimmi (17-Nov-99 9:02:48 PM)
wo finde ich dann die cam auf der seite ?

luke (17-Nov-99 9:03:15 PM)
Dinner is calling! Bye See you later

luke (17-Nov-99 9:03:21 PM)
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Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:03:23 PM)
I can't find the link for the activity rates on ESA web... would you please tell me?

luke (17-Nov-99 9:03:27 PM)
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Thomas (17-Nov-99 9:03:27 PM)
Giving names of astronomers to meteors is quite common. Some people discovered so many of the asteroids that they even name them after their dog! But did you know that some meteor showers are related to asteroids?

luke (17-Nov-99 9:03:30 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 9:03:30 PM)
bye bye Luke

moderator (17-Nov-99 9:03:36 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:03:54 PM)
es ist nicht sicher, dass dies ein Meteorit war und wenn doch ist es nicht sicher , dass es ein Leonid war, es ist noch etwas frueh

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 9:04:02 PM)
Habe auch NASA websites gesucht für live-cams, aber ich komm nicht mal rein in die sites die mit diesen shower zutun haben.

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 9:04:19 PM)
alles ziemlich voll

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:04:26 PM)
Gerhard has gone for a while - may we switch to English?

Thomas (17-Nov-99 9:04:29 PM)

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:04:40 PM)
Thomas Thanks a lot

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 9:04:44 PM)
Thomas - Which ones are related to asteroids??

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 9:05:03 PM)
Science Moderator: Was war es dann ?

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:06:09 PM)
We can't say from here if it was a meteorite or not, but we just got it from the press - can any other observers help us?

Thomas (17-Nov-99 9:06:27 PM)
The Geminids: they are active in December (7-17) and they are coming from asteroid (3200) Phaethon. Its an object which shows some activities, like comets

mimmi (17-Nov-99 9:07:02 PM)
ruediger?? hast du schon was gefunden

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 9:07:40 PM)
Bernard Foing from the Space Science Department of ESA will take over as Science Moderator for a while. See you all later.

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 9:07:46 PM)
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Obi (17-Nov-99 9:07:57 PM)
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Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:08:10 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:08:11 PM)
Welcome Obi! where are you?

Obi (17-Nov-99 9:08:25 PM)

mimmi (17-Nov-99 9:08:36 PM)
hi obi

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:09:00 PM)
Obi - are you staying up to watch tonight?

Obi (17-Nov-99 9:10:00 PM)
I will try! This is the first time I have been active with this subject. What do I need to look for?

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:10:17 PM)
HI Victor, clear skies in Canarias?

mimmi (17-Nov-99 9:10:27 PM)
hast du schon etwas gefunden

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:10:52 PM)
Bernard Hi! The northern part of the highest islands are clouded and rainy

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:10:58 PM)
Obi - if the sky is clear just go outisde and have a look from 11pm onwards. It's better if you are away from bright lights

mimmi (17-Nov-99 9:11:12 PM)
beneidet obi

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:11:15 PM)
I got a phone call from Obsrv. Sierra Nevada: Clear Sky!

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:11:22 PM)
Victor De donde estas observando?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:11:29 PM)
Bernard Desde Gran Canaria

gonzo (17-Nov-99 9:11:36 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:11:41 PM)
welcome gonzo

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:11:45 PM)
Hola chicas y chicos!

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:11:54 PM)
Bernard Ayer estaba toda la isla nublado, aunque parece que en La Palma, en el sur de la isla tuvieron buen tiempo

mimmi (17-Nov-99 9:12:06 PM)
kann so gut wie kein enlisch :-(

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:12:26 PM)
mimmi: que tal tu espagnol?

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 9:12:30 PM)
soll ich dir ein bisschen helfen?

mimmi (17-Nov-99 9:12:32 PM)

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:12:40 PM)
Piensas que arriba del Teide o de La Palma, tendran cielo despejado?

mimmi (17-Nov-99 9:12:44 PM)
gerne gandowin

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:12:53 PM)
Jo mei, bayerisch ?

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 9:13:00 PM)

mimmi (17-Nov-99 9:13:00 PM)
jooo *lacht*

Mike (17-Nov-99 9:13:03 PM)
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Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:13:08 PM)
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Obi (17-Nov-99 9:13:15 PM)
Ruediger seems to be extremely talented in languages!

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:13:27 PM)
Bernard - I heard somehwere that the Leonids will be hitting the moon - is that so?

gadget (17-Nov-99 9:13:35 PM)
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Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:13:35 PM)
Bernard Pues la verdad es que no lo se, parece que ha habido mal tiempo estos dias atras

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:13:48 PM)
hello mike gadget and rainer

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:13:59 PM)
Indeed one can use the impacts on the Moon to learn more about the Leonids but also about the Moon

Gandowin (17-Nov-99 9:14:02 PM)

mimmi (17-Nov-99 9:14:04 PM)
sucht immer noch eine livecam fuer die sternschnuppen

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:14:24 PM)
But can you measure if there are Leonid impacts on the moon?

Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:14:32 PM)
Hi Ruediger and Thomas!

gadget - France (17-Nov-99 9:14:36 PM)
(This user is now known as gadget - France)

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:14:49 PM)
We have a telescope looking at the Mooon right now to look for impacts

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:14:58 PM)
As the Moon has no atmosphere particles arrive at full speed on the surface and can sputter material

Obi (17-Nov-99 9:15:17 PM)
Where is the telescope located?

Thomas (17-Nov-99 9:15:25 PM)
Rainer, hallo! Bist Du beim Abendessen oder beim Meteorgucken?

Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:15:44 PM)
Jau, Ich bin's!

Sandy (17-Nov-99 9:15:47 PM)
Will log in again later on...planning to stay up and observe once the radiant rises - about 22h30 here in Aberdeen (according to Skymap Pro 5). Wishing you clear skies all!

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:15:59 PM)
Obi: the telescope is located in Teneriffe

Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:16:02 PM)
Abendessen ist noch nicht fertig!

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:16:16 PM)
Actually lunar impacts can bring information on the composition at place of impact

Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:16:37 PM)
Ruediger, is this the OGS telescope?

Thomas (17-Nov-99 9:16:38 PM)
Rainer, was gibts denn? Meteorsuppe?

japetus (17-Nov-99 9:16:41 PM)
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Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:16:50 PM)

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:16:52 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:16:56 PM)
Sandy - I think that you need to wait a little later than 22:30

carlo (17-Nov-99 9:16:58 PM)
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Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:17:03 PM)
Rainer: Yes it is the OGS

Obi (17-Nov-99 9:17:10 PM)
Bernard How does that work?

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:17:13 PM)

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:17:32 PM)
Any Italian there?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:17:44 PM)
Thomas... you have discovered some comets, isnt it?

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:17:45 PM)
Casi Italiano :)

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:17:48 PM)
welcome to our new visitors! We are putting questions to Bernard Foing - astronomer and moon specialist

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:18:02 PM)
Ehi Bernard

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:18:07 PM)
Thomas is gone for ... washing hands

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:18:07 PM)
About lunar impacts, there is a team coordinated by J. Ortiz from Spain with observations from Sierra Nevada, Calar Alto observatories monitoring Leonids impacts on the Moon, Also A. Svedhem is using a telescope in Canarias for this

gonzo (17-Nov-99 9:18:07 PM)
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Sandy (17-Nov-99 9:18:08 PM)
The radiant will be pretty low for a while...Moon does not set until after midnight either.

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:18:08 PM)
I have a question!!

gadget - France (17-Nov-99 9:18:18 PM)
Hi everybody. We can't see any shooting star yet here in France, despite a roughlu clear sky.

Mike (17-Nov-99 9:18:21 PM)
I understand the meteors can be seen live on a website? Please confirm

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:18:24 PM)
We understand Italian - but we try to keep going in English

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:18:29 PM)
Bernard Ok

Obi (17-Nov-99 9:18:32 PM)
Ruediger Italian also?

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:18:35 PM)
Hi Enigma where do you come from

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:18:39 PM)
Is it real that the Moon is 1/400 of the Sun

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:18:46 PM)
gadget its a bit early -d ont; give up yet

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:18:47 PM)
and this cause the Eclypse...

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:18:52 PM)
Mike, but nothing yet.

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 9:19:05 PM)
Wir snakken platt

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:19:11 PM)
because the distance is also 1/400 of the sun?

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:19:12 PM)
1/400 of its spiritual mass ...

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:19:21 PM)

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:19:47 PM)
Enigma, indeed the Moon is about 1/400 of the size of the Sun, and its distance 380 000km also about

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 9:20:03 PM)
Can anyone comment on the idea that something might fall on our heads tonight ?

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:20:08 PM)
1/400 of the Earth distance to the Sun

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:20:14 PM)
What is spiritual mass?

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:20:25 PM)
So 1/400 in both the cases?

Sandy (17-Nov-99 9:20:28 PM)
Bye for now

Sandy (17-Nov-99 9:20:36 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:20:37 PM)
Here in Holland snow seems more likely than meteors!

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:20:41 PM)
Science Havent heard about that hidden mass of the Universe? ;-)

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 9:20:42 PM)
Yeah, what is spiritual mass ?

Obi (17-Nov-99 9:20:52 PM)
Bernard What have scientists learned about the moon from past showers?

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:20:58 PM)
But we still have hopes to see something after midnight

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:21:04 PM)
Sorry I tried to be funny ...

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:21:14 PM)
Therefore the apparent size of the Moon is about the same as that of the Sun (which gives beautiful eclipses)

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:21:18 PM)
So 1/400 in both the two cases??

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:21:21 PM)

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:21:48 PM)
I mean...the size is 1/400 and also the distance???

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:21:52 PM)
Ruediger Be serious, you not only have to be a scientist, but to like as also.. hehehe

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 9:21:56 PM)
ESA Science: are the live cams on yet ?

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:22:19 PM) much is the distance Sun-Earth

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:22:30 PM)
Victor: d'acuerdo

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:22:41 PM)
We just heard from our scientists in Spain that all their cameras are working - but not webcam - still images in as near real time as possible

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:22:52 PM)
Do u know any nice address with live cams?

mimmi (17-Nov-99 9:22:55 PM)
wünsch allen noh einen schönen abend, vielleicht bis später

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:23:03 PM)
Thanks Mike! Great!

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:23:15 PM)
No enigma the size is 1/400 and the distance 1/400. The mass of the Moon is about 600 million less.

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:23:16 PM)
How much is Sun to Earth?

Phil (17-Nov-99 9:23:25 PM)
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Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 9:23:31 PM)
Scie´ce Moderator: Where can one find the spanish cams ?

mimmi (17-Nov-99 9:23:33 PM)
winkt und ist weg

mimmi (17-Nov-99 9:23:36 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:23:38 PM)
Hi phil - where are you going from?

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:23:47 PM)
How distant?

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:24:14 PM)
How distant is Sun from Earth?

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:24:18 PM)
Enigma the distance Sun to Earth is 150 million kms (it takes 8mn at the speed of light)

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:24:24 PM)
Victor: we started yesterday the discussion about the Perseids 1993 and the Leonids. What was your question again?

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:24:27 PM)
Mike - is the sky clear in UK?

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:24:30 PM)

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:24:50 PM)
Any webcam live anywhere?

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:25:11 PM)

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:25:27 PM)
Ruediger Oh, ok...

Phil (17-Nov-99 9:25:37 PM)
Hi, I'm in Glossop, near Manchester, UK. Was watching last night just in case we missed it like last year! Although the skies were crystal clear after about 13:00 UT, we didn't see much activity - about 6 leonids & 6 sporadics - not very impressive!

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:25:51 PM)
Ruediger We were comparing the ZHR and the harness between Perseids 93 and Leonids 99

Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:25:53 PM)
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Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:25:56 PM)
Sorry, Leonids 98

Phil (17-Nov-99 9:25:56 PM)
I meant 01:00 not 13:00 !!

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:26:03 PM)
There are good links from the IMO page as well (int'l Meteor Organisation)

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:26:08 PM)
Don't give up - better luck tonight. The radar plots show some increase in activity

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:26:22 PM)
Bernard The IMO web is down this year too :)

Obi (17-Nov-99 9:26:36 PM)
Where can we see the radar plots>

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:27:00 PM)
Obi: at

Mike (17-Nov-99 9:27:10 PM)
Science Moderator. Believe website for live viewing is but I expect you know this already.Will leave you soon to try it. Will look at sky when this message sent and revert.

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:27:13 PM)
You can see them at:

Obi (17-Nov-99 9:27:21 PM)
Thank you!

Phil (17-Nov-99 9:27:30 PM)
Was going to get some shut-eye till midnight - do you think we'll miss much?

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 9:27:40 PM)
Thanx moderator

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:27:42 PM)
Thanks MIke ! We hope to have live still images from Spain later.

enigma (17-Nov-99 9:27:47 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:27:59 PM)
PHil - no, sleep well but set the alarm

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:28:39 PM)
Obi: use the web site form the Science moderator!

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:28:51 PM)
Ruediger The exact question was if big meteors are more dangerous than smaller but more numerous

japetus (17-Nov-99 9:29:02 PM)
Are there currently any dust detectors working in Earth orbit?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:29:17 PM)
Hmmm... is also down

stein (17-Nov-99 9:29:18 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:29:26 PM)
I'm taking a break - Richard Marsden, solar expert is taking over. You can ask him about everything!

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:29:28 PM)
Victor: I remember. For the spacecraft we operate at Darmstadt

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:29:30 PM)
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Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:29:46 PM)
we are more concerned with the small meteoroids

Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 9:30:01 PM)
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Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:30:17 PM)
because they are more numerous and can be fatal as big particles

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:30:46 PM)
Ruediger What is the altitude of your satellite?

Mike (17-Nov-99 9:30:49 PM)
Science monitor . Sky here is clear, but misty round the moon. Prospects later tonight fair. Will be best at 2.30 am GMT. May set alarm.

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 9:31:03 PM)
Richard Marsden: Is there any connection with the current wild weather all over the planet, and the peak solar activity at present ?

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:31:31 PM)
Victor: 780 km (I use the esa-logo now to identify myself)

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:32:00 PM)
Mike you could look earlier 1.30-3 GMT is the expected best viewing time

Phil (17-Nov-99 9:32:10 PM)
OK thanks - will set 2 alarms! Out of 4 years watching, have only had 1 good show. Either bad weather or bad prediction. Am doing 3 nights this time! Cheers for now & fingers crossed.

Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 9:32:14 PM)
That's a good question. There are some people who believe that the climate is related to the sunspot cycle, but this hasn't been proven yet

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:32:46 PM)
Ruediger Ok, the meteorites flash at 100 km high, so 780 km... Ok, I understand it (I think)

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 9:32:59 PM)
Richard Marsden: and the earthquakes ? Could that be related to cosmic or solar activity ?

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:33:03 PM)
We got data from Spain. So I have to say good bye to put the data on the web ...

Ruediger (17-Nov-99 9:33:18 PM)
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Gandowin (17-Nov-99 9:33:28 PM)
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Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 9:33:35 PM)
Dizzy - I don't think the cosmic connection is real

Phil (17-Nov-99 9:33:38 PM)
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Mike (17-Nov-99 9:33:57 PM)
Sorry folks. Have been misreading Moderator for monitor. Leaving you now. Bye

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:34:00 PM)
Obi about results from previous showers on the Moon. It was barely observed before. Actually the same team that is trying to monitor it tonight are proposing to use a camera we shall fly on the SMART-1 mission to the Moon to observe it from lunar orbit

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:34:34 PM)
Richard I read a press release talking about an increase of more than 100% of the solar flux in the last 100 years... What do you think?

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 9:34:35 PM)
Richard: Just wondering. Because there is so much talk, and I have never had the chance to talk to an expert

Mike (17-Nov-99 9:34:45 PM)
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carlo (17-Nov-99 9:34:48 PM)
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Obi (17-Nov-99 9:35:20 PM)
Bernard When was it first noticed?

Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 9:35:29 PM)
Victor - this is a result that I camn comment on. the magnetic field of the sun does indeed appear to have increased by a factor 2 in the last 100 yrs

stein (17-Nov-99 9:35:33 PM)
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Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 9:36:19 PM)
Dizzy - a lot of so-called connectiond turn out to be coincidences when you really look at the data

Obi (17-Nov-99 9:37:06 PM)
Bernard When will the SMART-1 mission take place? And what will the difference be in observing from lunar orbit?

Marc (17-Nov-99 9:37:59 PM)
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Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:38:01 PM)
In fact the first observed impact on the Moon was created by mankind. The Japanese mission MUSES-A or HITEN had a crash on the Moon which could be detected from Earth (5 years ago)

Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 9:38:07 PM)
Hello Marc

Marc (17-Nov-99 9:38:09 PM)
hi all

gadget - France (17-Nov-99 9:38:10 PM)
I've red a few minutes ago that the shower should begin at 22h30 and reach its climax at 2H30. I guess it's GMT. But what GM Time is it right now?

elRubio (17-Nov-99 9:38:18 PM)
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Thomas (17-Nov-99 9:38:23 PM)
Richard: what happens if the magnetic field of the sun continues to increase? Will we notice it on earth?

Marc (17-Nov-99 9:38:38 PM)
can anyone tell me where i can see this event live in the internet?

Marc (17-Nov-99 9:39:13 PM)

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:39:14 PM)
Marc Better in live, but you can try at

Marc (17-Nov-99 9:39:26 PM)

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:39:34 PM)
Thomas I was asking you how many comets have you discovered

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:39:58 PM)
The SMART-1 mission will be launched to the Moon in 2002. It will carry X-ray instrument to map elements on the Moon, an IR instrument to map minerals, and a microcamera to map the lunar topography

gadget - France (17-Nov-99 9:40:00 PM)
Marc : it seems that the webcams are not online yet. Enfin c'est ce qui se dit ici...

Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 9:40:30 PM)
Thomas - it is unlikely that the sun's field will continue to increase indefinitely. We would see many more disturbances in communications etc if it did

Thomas (17-Nov-99 9:41:18 PM)
Richard: But the solar magnetic field is not related to the 11 year cycle of the sun?

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:41:29 PM)
From lunar orbit we can map the Moon in higher details, and view it globally including the far side and the polar areas not visible from Earth

Obi (17-Nov-99 9:41:54 PM)
Bernard Thanks. Are you involved in this particular mission?

Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 9:42:33 PM)
Thomas - the Sun's field does show variability with the sunspot cycle

elRubio (17-Nov-99 9:42:42 PM)
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Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:43:14 PM)
Obi . Yes I am the project scientist for SMART-1. You may have seen in the News it was just approved.

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:43:23 PM)
Richard Can be related that with the temperature increasing in Earth?

Mike (17-Nov-99 9:43:33 PM)
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gadget - France (17-Nov-99 9:43:56 PM)
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Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:44:00 PM)
Hi Japetus still with us with any burning question

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 9:44:00 PM)
Richard: Is there any official explanations for all this activity on the Earth ?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:44:06 PM)
Bernard I am amazed with the current missions being approved... it seems Europe is taking a lead in solar exploration

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:44:29 PM)
(solar system, I mean)

Sinai (17-Nov-99 9:44:37 PM)
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Mike (17-Nov-99 9:44:39 PM)
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japetus (17-Nov-99 9:44:41 PM)
Yes...I am awaiting the Leonids in the US, so I am interested what is visible in Europe now.

Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 9:44:42 PM)
Victor - there are many theories about relationships between climate and the sun. We don't have the final answer yet I'm afraid

Mark (17-Nov-99 9:44:43 PM)
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gadget - France (17-Nov-99 9:44:46 PM)
(This user has entered ESA Science)

Obi (17-Nov-99 9:44:46 PM)
Victor It is about time, right?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:45:02 PM)
Obi Sorry?

Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 9:45:30 PM)
Hello Mark and Gadget

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:45:38 PM)
Indeed now ESA has several solar system missions Huygens-Cassini on its way to Saturn and Titan ,

Obi (17-Nov-99 9:45:47 PM)
I am very interested in learning about other space programs than only NASA.

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:45:50 PM)
NASA radio observation tells about 32 ZHR right now... :-?

Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:46:05 PM)
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Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:46:07 PM)
Obi Oh, ok

Sinai (17-Nov-99 9:46:14 PM)
anyone know if there is anywhere online that live video from Israel or anywhere in the middle east is going to be shown live on the internet?.....thanks

Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 9:46:20 PM)
Obi take a look at the ESA science web - lots of info there

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:46:38 PM)
Bernard I think the Mercury and Mars missions will be very interesting

Thomas (17-Nov-99 9:46:45 PM)
Hello Rainer, are you back from dinner?

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:46:57 PM)
We have for the future SMART-1 to the Moon (2002), Mars-express (2003) and Rosetta going to observe and land on comet Virtanen (also luanched in 2003). After this we plan a mission to Mercury around 2009

Obi (17-Nov-99 9:46:58 PM)
Yes I will read all the information more thoroughly.

Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:47:07 PM)
Yes, thanks Thomas!

Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:47:29 PM)
No, Rainer Kresken from Darmstadt

Obi (17-Nov-99 9:47:44 PM)
Can you explain briefly how a landing on a comet will take place?

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:48:00 PM)
Mars express is challenging, we'll get new information from Mars orbit, but also there is a small lander onit called Beagle2

Mark (17-Nov-99 9:48:03 PM)
Anyone know about the Lasco/SOHO sat picture that looked like a meteor storm. Wonder how is it possible sor a satellite to photograph a meteor storm, while pointing at the sun?

Bernhard Fleck (17-Nov-99 9:48:06 PM)
(This user has entered ESA Science)

Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 9:48:19 PM)
The ESA SSD radio team have just received beautiful pictures of the radio echo from a fireball over Portugal (from their colleagues at Observatory Algarve)

Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:48:43 PM)
What about the weather in Europe. Has anybody clear skies right now?

japetus (17-Nov-99 9:49:01 PM)
Mark, these are energetic particles accelerated close to the Sun.

Thomas (17-Nov-99 9:49:14 PM)
Hello Bernhard, how are things going in the States? Cheers, Thomas Mueller

Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 9:49:25 PM)
Hi Bernhard can you take mark's question on SOHO?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:49:38 PM)
Do you know the current radio activity detected in Calar Alto? The web of esoc is down

Mark (17-Nov-99 9:49:42 PM)
No...not close to the sun...close to the's a link:

Bernhard Fleck (17-Nov-99 9:49:43 PM)
Hi guys, yes, can take more questions on SOHO

Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:49:52 PM)
Ruediger, did you talk to the guys om

Nick (17-Nov-99 9:49:53 PM)
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gadget - France (17-Nov-99 9:49:53 PM)
Rainer : Here in Normandy it's not so bad...

Marc (17-Nov-99 9:50:06 PM)
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Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 9:50:08 PM)
Mark pls repeat the question for Bernard from SOHO

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:50:10 PM)
Welcome to the SOHO Project scientist Bernhard Fleck

japetus (17-Nov-99 9:50:21 PM)
Mark, these particles travel along magnetic field lines to the satellite, when there is a direct connection.

Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 9:50:21 PM)
Hello Nikc

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:50:29 PM)
Did SOHO observed the Mercury transit?

Calar Alto Observers (17-Nov-99 9:50:50 PM)
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Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:50:51 PM)
Oops, Ruediger, I wanted to ask whether you heard some news from the guys on OGS

Bernhard Fleck (17-Nov-99 9:50:51 PM)
No these streaks you see in the LASCO image are neither the Leonids nore energetic particles. This are small particles which were released on the SOHO spacecraft when CDS closed its door to safe for the Leonids.

Mark (17-Nov-99 9:50:58 PM)
Bernard.....on the 16th one of the Lasco images looked as if there was a meteor storm. Here's the link:

sledge (17-Nov-99 9:51:05 PM)
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Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:51:07 PM)
Hey, on Calar Alto! Whats the current radio activity??

Nick (17-Nov-99 9:51:15 PM)
Hello, it's bad weather in Sweden

Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 9:51:20 PM)
Welcome Cala r alto!

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:51:41 PM)
(This user is now known as Science moderator)

japetus (17-Nov-99 9:52:04 PM)
Mark, sorry, I referred to the November 1997 images of LASCO. Sorry.

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:52:05 PM)
Richard has gone - moderator here.

Thomas (17-Nov-99 9:52:20 PM)
Is it true that there were fireballs seen last night from the US?

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:52:32 PM)
You can now put your questions direct to Marc and Jo observing in Calar Alto!

Bernhard Fleck (17-Nov-99 9:52:34 PM)
It's a bit unfortunate to have this LASCO image on the real time pages. We get tons of questions asking what these are. Tiny particles which were released when another instrument (CDS) closed its door.

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:52:45 PM)
If you want more information on our ESA science missions (solar system or astronomy) , you can just look at and then click on "missions" for info on ESA science missions

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:52:52 PM)
Marc - how are conditions looking now in Spain?

Bernhard Fleck (17-Nov-99 9:52:52 PM)
I haven't seen any, and neither did my colleagues.

eamix (17-Nov-99 9:52:55 PM)
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Mark (17-Nov-99 9:53:19 PM)
Thanks Bernard....makes sense now!

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:53:35 PM)
What's the weatther like and what's the temperature?!

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:53:44 PM)
Bernard When are going to be launched the Cluster?

Bernhard Fleck (17-Nov-99 9:54:05 PM)
I believe mid summer next year.

Sinai (17-Nov-99 9:54:08 PM)
anyone know how the video system works on the ballon they are going to release this evening for the meteor showers and then send over the internet........just curiuos how that works....

Bernhard Fleck (17-Nov-99 9:54:21 PM)
But I can't remember having seen a firm launch date yet.

blb (17-Nov-99 9:54:23 PM)
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vulcan (17-Nov-99 9:54:34 PM)
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sledge (17-Nov-99 9:54:38 PM)
i, I'm in Hampshire, England, and the air temp is +4 C and there is some hight cloud, but with plenty of breaks, and the moon is still clearly visible

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:54:40 PM)
We don't know details about the video system on the balloon

Pebbles (17-Nov-99 9:54:41 PM)
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Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:54:50 PM)
Thomas, tell us how you saw the leonids last year ; )

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:54:52 PM)
CAHA - are you stil there?

eamix (17-Nov-99 9:54:54 PM)
where can I see the leonids on-line live?

Caha observers (17-Nov-99 9:54:59 PM)
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Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:55:00 PM)
Victor Cluster II will be launched in 2000 (2 spacecrafts in June and 2 in July)

Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:55:08 PM)
Hi Pebbles!

gadget - France (17-Nov-99 9:55:11 PM)
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vulcan (17-Nov-99 9:55:15 PM)
hello! I am vulcan from INDIA

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:55:22 PM)
Hello again CAHA observers - what's it like in Spain?

cab (17-Nov-99 9:55:31 PM)
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Bernhard Fleck (17-Nov-99 9:55:37 PM)
Thomas, bist Du's in ESOC?

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:55:39 PM)
Welcome vulcan

vulcan (17-Nov-99 9:55:46 PM)
It is 02:30 AM here

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:55:54 PM)
Caha What's the current activity??

Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:55:54 PM)
Vulcan, what is the wether like in India. Any leonids yet?

Gadget - France (17-Nov-99 9:55:57 PM)
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Nick (17-Nov-99 9:56:09 PM)
Hi Vulcan, have the leonids appeared yet in india?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:56:10 PM)
Snif... no actual reports... :~(

vulcan (17-Nov-99 9:56:20 PM)
almost clear skies, a thin layer of white clouds but no problem

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:56:24 PM)
Everyone - this is your chance to ask the observing team in Spain what they see - CAHA are the SSD and IMO teams

vulcan (17-Nov-99 9:56:30 PM)
no leonids as yet

eamix (17-Nov-99 9:56:41 PM)
I'm in Italy

vulcan (17-Nov-99 9:56:49 PM)
I have identified orion constellation

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:56:51 PM)
vulcan Hi

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:56:57 PM)
Is the sky clear in Italy?

vulcan (17-Nov-99 9:56:57 PM)
hi victor

jan (17-Nov-99 9:56:59 PM)
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Nick (17-Nov-99 9:57:05 PM)
Later dudes

Nick (17-Nov-99 9:57:09 PM)
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vulcan (17-Nov-99 9:57:09 PM)
hi jan

eamix (17-Nov-99 9:57:12 PM)
the weather in awful

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:57:18 PM)
Science What happens with Calar?

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:57:24 PM)
Welcome jan - we're about to put our questions to the scientists in Spain - Calar Alto

vulcan (17-Nov-99 9:57:26 PM)
hello moderator

Thomas (17-Nov-99 9:57:45 PM)
Bernhard Fleck: ja ich bins. Ich bin im Augenblick bei ESOC.

Bernhard Fleck (17-Nov-99 9:57:53 PM)
Seems there is not much action yet. have you seen the ZHR plots from colleagues at Marshal: check out: http://umbra/soho/leonids/zhr.gif

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:57:54 PM)
Calar Alto are having some trouble connecting from their observing hut - they'll be with us soon.

Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:58:05 PM)
Do we have anybody from north-west germany in here? Is it worthwhile to drive there?

vulcan (17-Nov-99 9:58:11 PM)
Are the two shining objects west of orion are Saturn and Jupiter?

philiperickson (17-Nov-99 9:58:25 PM)
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Obi (17-Nov-99 9:58:25 PM)
So Bernard Foing what are you observing at this moment?

eamix (17-Nov-99 9:58:31 PM)
Where can i see the leonids on-line?

CAHA (17-Nov-99 9:58:42 PM)
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Garby (17-Nov-99 9:58:46 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:58:48 PM)
Rainer - where from?!!

vulcan (17-Nov-99 9:58:51 PM)
The moon has set an hour ago, it is pitch da

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 9:58:52 PM)
Bernhard umbra.....?

Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:58:55 PM)
Yes, Vulcan, You see Saturn and Jupiter!

vulcan (17-Nov-99 9:59:02 PM)
thanks rainer

japetus (17-Nov-99 9:59:07 PM)
Rainer, I am from there but unfortunately in the US now...

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:59:07 PM)
vulcan - but where are you?

vulcan (17-Nov-99 9:59:22 PM)
I am in INDIA 30 deg north latitude

chris (17-Nov-99 9:59:25 PM)
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Bernhard Fleck (17-Nov-99 9:59:29 PM)

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 9:59:35 PM)
Obi: we observe the news from Cyber Leonid world . We'll go outside in the wind later.

sledge - South England (17-Nov-99 9:59:38 PM)
(This user is now known as sledge - South England)

Rainer (17-Nov-99 9:59:39 PM)
Rainer from Darmstadt, ESOC engineer enjoying the evening!

Tony (17-Nov-99 9:59:45 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 9:59:51 PM)
Hi Chris and sledge - are you looking?

christoph (17-Nov-99 9:59:56 PM)
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Great balls of fire (17-Nov-99 10:00:00 PM)
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vulcan (17-Nov-99 10:00:07 PM)
I am having a 8x30 binocular, can I see saturn rings thru it?

Obi (17-Nov-99 10:00:29 PM)
Bernard Foing Do you have cameras also set up?

sledge - South England (17-Nov-99 10:00:36 PM)
hey everybody, we could put our Country after our names, so we all know where we are...

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:00:39 PM)
Welcome newcomers - you can put your questions to Bernard Fleck from SOHO, Bernard Foing frm SMART and others

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:00:43 PM)
Hello, this is Calar Alto observatory speaking.

chris (17-Nov-99 10:00:47 PM)
Hi I've only just joined- what's the latest on Leonid activity this evening?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:00:49 PM)

blb (17-Nov-99 10:00:57 PM)
Moderator- has there been any activity indicating the main stream of the Leonids yet?

christoph (17-Nov-99 10:01:07 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:01:08 PM)
vulcan - if you have dark skies you should be able to see the rings with your binoculars

vulcan (17-Nov-99 10:01:14 PM)
Also, it was said that uranus and neptune will be visible, how to identify them?

jan (17-Nov-99 10:01:15 PM)
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Bernhard Fleck (17-Nov-99 10:01:18 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:01:28 PM)
Bi Bernard, see you later

christoph - Germany (17-Nov-99 10:01:33 PM)
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Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:01:33 PM)
(This user has entered ESA Science)

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:01:35 PM)
umbra/soho/leonids/zhr.gif is from CAHA?

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:01:36 PM)
Victor- how is weather at canary islands

Obi (17-Nov-99 10:01:53 PM)
Thanks Bernard

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:01:54 PM)
CAHA In the north very bad today, I will try again in the south

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:01:56 PM)
good question!

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:02:09 PM)
CAHA Yesterday I couldnt observe more than ten minutes :(

Paal Brekke (17-Nov-99 10:02:11 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:02:13 PM)
vulcan - consult a good star chart, they are hard to see

eamix (17-Nov-99 10:02:22 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:02:24 PM)
Welcome Paal

vulcan (17-Nov-99 10:02:27 PM)
which direction to look

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:02:40 PM)
Here the weather is quite good, only a few high clouds. In two hours it should be dark.

Garby (17-Nov-99 10:02:44 PM)
We have snoewather in the middel Leonids.

Rainer (17-Nov-99 10:02:53 PM)
Hi pebbles, still online? Weather is maybe becoming better...

Tony (17-Nov-99 10:02:55 PM)
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japetus (17-Nov-99 10:03:05 PM)
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CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:03:06 PM)
vicktor no it is not. We have observed al night and saw about 15 leonids. tonicght it is not very claer yet but we have good hope.

Obi (17-Nov-99 10:03:11 PM)
CAHA How many evenings/nights will you observe for?

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 10:03:11 PM)
Hi Paal Always on deck for cosmic events

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:03:12 PM)
While we wait for the CAHA guys, Bernard Fleck from SOHO is with us

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:03:13 PM)
The zhr.gif it's very similar to the activity rate of the NASA... a peak of 60 some hours ago

vulcan (17-Nov-99 10:03:20 PM)
how to identify pegasus?

Arik P Michigan (17-Nov-99 10:03:28 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:03:32 PM)
Ah, youre back CAHA

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:03:34 PM)
Here everything quiet on the western front.

Paal Brekke (17-Nov-99 10:03:53 PM)
Well at least the sky is clear..

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:03:53 PM)
obi we have observed since saterday but the weather was not good. we will obeserve tonight and tomorrow

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:03:54 PM)
CAHA A friend of mine from Cordoba (Andalucia) got 11 leonids on three hours yesterday

chris (17-Nov-99 10:03:55 PM)
Like Garby I can only lament the terrible weather we are having on the west coast of Sweden. But we've got a few hours left before we go through the plane of the comet's orbit.

Pebbles (17-Nov-99 10:03:56 PM)
Hi Rainer (and everybody else) .. i've just had a look at - but nothing R E A L L Y interesting there at the moment :-(

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:03:59 PM)
CAHA - how are conditions with you in Spain?

Mark (17-Nov-99 10:04:00 PM)
How long is SOHO going to be shut down?

Arik P Michigan (17-Nov-99 10:04:12 PM)
Nice weather, already quite cold, Sun still above horizon.

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:04:14 PM)
Until Friday

Leo (17-Nov-99 10:04:16 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:04:19 PM)
Pebbles - no, all the action is here!

Garby (17-Nov-99 10:04:19 PM)
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Pebbles (17-Nov-99 10:04:30 PM)

sledge - South England (17-Nov-99 10:04:37 PM)
I still haven't seen any, but the cloud is increasing

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:04:37 PM)
Hello to Arik from Richard Marsden and Peter Wenzel

blb (17-Nov-99 10:04:42 PM)
Bernard- The last image from the SOHO C3 coronagraph showed many bright streaks- are they related to the leonids?

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:04:58 PM)
At this moment it is not very clear. We can see the brichtest stars and the moon. we have good hope that it will be claer later on.

muddy (17-Nov-99 10:04:59 PM)
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Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:05:05 PM)
Friday morning we roll the spacecraft back to its normal attitude and over the next two days we switch back on all the instruments.

Sinai (17-Nov-99 10:05:06 PM)
why are none of the nasa tv sites showing anything on the showers?

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:05:25 PM)
CAHA - any sign of anything?

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:05:35 PM)
No, these streaks are small particles which were released when another SOHO instrument (CDS) closed its door in preparation for the leonids

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:05:41 PM)
CAHA Hmmm... do you think we are going to see a good profile this night? It seems the ZHR is very low

will (17-Nov-99 10:05:51 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:05:59 PM)
Sinai - nothing to see, but Europe is better placed this year, so you are in the right place!

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:06:04 PM)
So they have nothing to do with the Leonids, nor are they related to any event on the Sun

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:06:10 PM)
no activity yet. but the radiant is below horizon. All systems are running and we are already recording on tree videorecorders.

Paal Brekke (17-Nov-99 10:06:13 PM)
To add to Berhard.. We have seen this effect before (the streaks) and usually Lasco shuts down before CDS

blb (17-Nov-99 10:06:19 PM)
THanks Berhard- they were a puzzle...

Sinai (17-Nov-99 10:06:24 PM)
thank you

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:06:29 PM)
Last year it was near 80 or more at this time, and the maximum was at 01 UT... hmm..

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:06:30 PM)
You were not the only one ...

Great balls of fire (17-Nov-99 10:06:40 PM)
Europe has very cloudy weather.

vulcan (17-Nov-99 10:06:44 PM)
Fleck, how to identify leo

Rainer (17-Nov-99 10:06:47 PM)
There's a front coming down from Holland and the arrival time in Darmstadt could be just right for the maximum at 3:00 local. You in ESTEC, is the sky clear up there?

sledge - South England (17-Nov-99 10:06:51 PM)
yes, it's a shame

Rainer (17-Nov-99 10:06:59 PM)

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:07:08 PM)
OUr guys from CAHA Spain are only available for half an hour ,so if you want to ask them qus. do it now!

vulcan (17-Nov-99 10:07:08 PM)
fleck, I know only orion

Sinai (17-Nov-99 10:07:23 PM)
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CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:07:34 PM)
vicktor- the radiant is still below horizon. and the maxiumu is predicted for 2 o clock UT this nichts. i aspect that it will be a verry narrow maximum that only last for c.a. 45 minutes, but it is still a prediction

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:07:36 PM)
sky at ESTEC fifty percent clear at the moment ...

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:07:58 PM)
vulcan, so you know almost more than I do ...

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:08:04 PM)
estec i hope it will be getting better there in holland.

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:08:06 PM)
CAHA NASA is also reporting 32 meteors/hour :-(

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:08:07 PM)
Marc and Jo - whats the temperature in Calar Alto?

vulcan (17-Nov-99 10:08:21 PM)
fleck , one very shining star has arisen in south. what can it be

cloudy (17-Nov-99 10:08:32 PM)
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CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:08:33 PM)
the temp is 4 degrees minus

Great balls of fire (17-Nov-99 10:08:33 PM)
Rainer, That's a grey picture of Europe!!

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:08:35 PM)
Victor - is this visual or radar?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:08:44 PM)
Science I think its radar

Sinai (17-Nov-99 10:08:47 PM)
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Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:08:48 PM)
i not even know where you are!

cab (17-Nov-99 10:08:58 PM)
From last years display there were reports of -10 magnitude fireballs. What size of particle would produce such brightness?

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:09:06 PM)
(This user is now known as vulcan India)

Obi (17-Nov-99 10:09:07 PM)

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:09:16 PM)

Mark (17-Nov-99 10:09:20 PM)
Can coronal discharges effect the dust in a meteor's path?

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:09:30 PM)
cab- about several centimeters

Paal Brekke Washingon DC (17-Nov-99 10:09:30 PM)
(This user is now known as Paal Brekke Washingon DC)

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:09:38 PM)
I am in INDIA, It is 02:30 morning

Leo (17-Nov-99 10:09:40 PM)
Victor, how is the weather on the canary islands?

blb (17-Nov-99 10:09:49 PM)
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Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:09:50 PM)
We're joined by Detlef - you can put you qus to detlef koschny

will (17-Nov-99 10:09:52 PM)
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Obi (17-Nov-99 10:09:52 PM)
Sorry Can you describe the equipment you are using now to observe and monitor the activity?

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:10:03 PM)
Detlef is at OSN

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:10:09 PM)
Leo Somewhat good at south, horrible at north of the higher islands

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:10:17 PM)
skies are clear, moon has set, so it is pitch dark

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:10:29 PM)
Victor, sorry, can't help you. Don't know which bright star is just rising in India.

Leo (17-Nov-99 10:10:57 PM)
Victor, here you are located? At the obs on the Teide?

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:10:59 PM)
Can you tell detlef that everything is working (all cameras and recorder) but that we cannot make contact with them!

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:11:04 PM)
Leo No, in Gran Canaria

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:11:10 PM)
Detlef has beautiful clear skies and all our equipment is working. We're just testing the big telescope

Great balls of fire (17-Nov-99 10:11:17 PM)
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Obi (17-Nov-99 10:11:31 PM)
How big is the big telescope?

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:11:35 PM)
wish them good0luck

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 10:11:36 PM)
vulcan you should be able to spot the leonids now from India

cab (17-Nov-99 10:11:38 PM)
Does the Earth's magnetic field have any effect on the meteor stream?

Leo (17-Nov-99 10:11:40 PM)
Victor, O.K., nice place too...

Paal Brekke Washingon DC (17-Nov-99 10:11:43 PM)
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christoph - Germany (17-Nov-99 10:11:48 PM)
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Paal Brekke Washington DC (17-Nov-99 10:11:55 PM)
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vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:12:02 PM)
who are the experts here?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:12:02 PM)
In India is rising the sun??

Science moderator (17-Nov-99 10:12:11 PM)
its the 1.5 m telescope

cloudy (17-Nov-99 10:12:19 PM)
What are the chances of a good display tomorrow night, its raining now here in Ireland

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:12:20 PM)
no victor, it is 2:30am, sun will rise at 6:30am

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:12:27 PM)
cab- no its has no measurable effect

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:12:59 PM)
cloudy- we don't know, the maximum is predicted for tonicht

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:13:08 PM)
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Obi (17-Nov-99 10:13:11 PM)
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vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:13:12 PM)
I am desparate to identify leo, pegasus, taurus and aries.

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:13:28 PM)
you have to watch tonight - but we'll be watching tomorrow as well

Leo (17-Nov-99 10:13:33 PM)
Here in Hannover, nothern germany, weather is ugly too. Still hoping...+

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:13:35 PM)
vulcan Its easy

cab (17-Nov-99 10:13:47 PM)
Vulcan-did you say you could identify Orion?

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:13:51 PM)
Detlef, why don't you use OSN nickname as is given in the list

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:14:01 PM)
vulcan Can you locate Cassipeia the "W"?

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:14:03 PM)
yes cab I know orion

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:14:09 PM)
victor how

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 10:14:11 PM)
No the particles have such kinetic energy, that magnetic forces would have very negligible effect even if they are partly ionised

Rainer (17-Nov-99 10:14:12 PM)
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rainer (17-Nov-99 10:14:19 PM)
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vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:14:27 PM)
no cassipeia the W, how to locate it

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:14:34 PM)
Detles is at OSN = Observatory Sierra Nevada

Pebbles (17-Nov-99 10:14:42 PM)
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Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:14:43 PM)
Hi Detlef!

cloudy (17-Nov-99 10:14:48 PM)
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Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:15:00 PM)
vulcan Well, if you have located Orion, Leo is near

Mark (17-Nov-99 10:15:04 PM)
How about the effect from a solar wind from a coronal disharge? Does this affect a meteor stream?

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:15:08 PM)
oh sorry, I thought the acronyms written in bracket are your nicknames. hehehe

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:15:08 PM)
Here in Sierra Nevada it is - 12

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:15:21 PM)
victor, please elaborate

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:15:22 PM)
but we have very good quality cloths

Sinai (17-Nov-99 10:15:26 PM)
anyone know anything about the Mispe Ramon observatory in the Negev desert, in Israel?

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:15:44 PM)
he detlef, you are colder, but we had a spanisch television team

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:15:45 PM)
no, the solar wind has no effect on the Leonids stream

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:15:48 PM)
vulcan Up to Orion is Geminis, right is Cancer (you can see it as a nebula) and right that nebula is Leo

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:15:57 PM)
vulcan But if you want to see meteors, look at Orion

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 10:15:58 PM)
To see Leo, look at the South-East

cab (17-Nov-99 10:16:08 PM)
Vulcan-Follow Orion's belt up to the right till you come to a bright orange star. This is Aldebaran in Taurus, the Bull.

chris (17-Nov-99 10:16:14 PM)
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vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:16:15 PM)
directions? west or south

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:16:31 PM)
Detlef says that the TV team couldn't get here because of the snow ...

cab (17-Nov-99 10:16:43 PM)

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:16:45 PM)
vulcan To see leonids, you must look 45 degrees from the radiant, so looking at Orion is right

rainer (17-Nov-99 10:17:13 PM)
back again! my microsoft product crashed!

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:17:25 PM)
detlef do you have anu peronal messages

sledge - South England (17-Nov-99 10:17:28 PM)
I know that this is dodgy, but has got an excellent map

Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 10:17:47 PM)
Vulcan if you are india 30 N, then you should look just East Leo must have just rised there

Leo (17-Nov-99 10:17:58 PM)
<--------is going Good luck for all of us!

Leo (17-Nov-99 10:18:03 PM)
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Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:18:04 PM)
keep working ....:-)

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:19:15 PM)
My ears are getting cold ...brrrrrr

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:19:26 PM)
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sledge - South England (17-Nov-99 10:19:43 PM)
still none seen

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:19:49 PM)
Detlef Hehe.. Nevada means "Snowy"

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:19:53 PM)
the weather is still not good enought to make pictures. Joe zal zo snel mogelijk wanneer er enige activiteit is de fotos als tiff doorsturen. ik verwacht dat dit dan rond een uurtje of 6-7 zal zijn. maar ik weet dit niet zeker, joe is in teh observatie hut

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:19:54 PM)
hi ppl

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:20:13 PM)
hey sledge...

sledge - South England (17-Nov-99 10:20:19 PM)

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:20:20 PM)
detlef are you standing outside then

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:20:22 PM)
Sledge it is still a bit early

cab (17-Nov-99 10:20:29 PM)
According to literature the meteor stream was deflected by Jupiter and Saturn in 1899 and 1933 so there were no meteor storms. Any idea by how much the stream missed Earth?

Robbo (17-Nov-99 10:20:31 PM)
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Bernard Foing SSD (17-Nov-99 10:20:40 PM)
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Marco (17-Nov-99 10:20:40 PM)
where abouts in south england are you sledge?

sledge - South England (17-Nov-99 10:21:04 PM)
yeah, I haven't even seen a sporadic yet, last year I saw one break the cloud base, at 26000ft

sledge - South England (17-Nov-99 10:21:11 PM)

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:21:21 PM)
im in hampshire as well

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:21:25 PM)
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CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:21:31 PM)
We are just been told that the sky is totally claer now. so were are singning of in about 5 minutes, anabody specifiec questions

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:21:31 PM)
CAHA I just saw a meteor!

Thomas (17-Nov-99 10:21:31 PM)
The sky is still quiet, check:

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:21:47 PM)
CAHA of course I am outside

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:21:58 PM)
detlef great - did you have it on tape

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:22:14 PM)
Thomas ESOC is down :-(

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:22:18 PM)
eastleigh to be precise...

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:22:21 PM)
I think so let me check the cameras .... should be on!!!

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:23:01 PM)
greetings from CAHA- John

Arik P Michigan (17-Nov-99 10:23:03 PM)
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Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:23:14 PM)
Detlef asks what's the weather in La Palma ??

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:23:16 PM)
Now works, ok

EUSA`MAN (17-Nov-99 10:23:20 PM)
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Marco (17-Nov-99 10:23:21 PM)
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Robbo (17-Nov-99 10:23:28 PM)
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CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:23:40 PM)
We dont know yet, we couldn not get any contact with ot la palma team

Spooky (17-Nov-99 10:23:42 PM)
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Marco (17-Nov-99 10:23:50 PM)
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Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:23:58 PM)
CAHA There was a report from La Palma on IMO list today

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:23:59 PM)
i'm back

sledge - South England (17-Nov-99 10:24:18 PM)
we've got full cloud cover now

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:24:22 PM)
Victor what did it say ??

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:24:26 PM)
victor- we know but we don't know the conditions tonight

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:24:30 PM)
Detlef Low activity

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:24:30 PM)
what was the brightest leonid anyone saw last year??

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:24:50 PM)
-15 marco

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:24:55 PM)
Detlef - Are you worried your equipment is going to freeze up in the cold - you said it was -12 deg

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:25:16 PM)
The stuff that we have outside has heaters

sledge - South England (17-Nov-99 10:25:30 PM)
I saw one that maybe went 20 degs and then exploded, it was bright enough to illuminate the interior of my car

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:25:39 PM)
that must have been bright or brighter than the one i saw CAHA

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:25:52 PM)
detlef - Do YOU have heaters??

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:26:11 PM)
CAHA I talked with a friend an hour ago, and there it was clouded, but dont know where she was on La Palma exactly

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:26:11 PM)
No, but warm clothes !

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:26:13 PM)
sledge was approx 01:20-01:30 UT?

bert (17-Nov-99 10:26:13 PM)
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sledge - South England (17-Nov-99 10:26:30 PM)

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:26:40 PM)
o.k. i hope our team is lucky

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:26:48 PM)
Detlef - Do you know of any observers who are monitoring the Moon for impacts??

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:26:51 PM)
Eastern track in to cassiopiea?

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:27:06 PM)
left a train for 20 mins

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:27:07 PM)
From orion, which direction to look to find pegasus?

cab (17-Nov-99 10:27:33 PM)
What size of scopes are used to monitor the Moon for impacts?

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:27:34 PM)
Hakan is observing in Tenerif watching for lunar impacts

sledge - South England (17-Nov-99 10:27:51 PM)
south easterly

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:27:54 PM)
on CAHA a team from spain, is monitoring the moon with a 1.5. meter telescope for impacts. they have not seen an impact yet

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:28:01 PM)
Cab 1m telescopes

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:28:04 PM)
you are probably right, a leo's sickle like thing has come up in east, but its triangle is not there

Spooky (17-Nov-99 10:28:12 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:28:45 PM)
Are there any more quwestions for Detlef before he has to go??

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:28:46 PM)
well the one i saw started qite faint then literally exploded

sledge - South England (17-Nov-99 10:28:54 PM)
looked like it was going to hit Heathrow from where I was standing......

cab (17-Nov-99 10:28:59 PM)
Are the Moon impacts being videoed? Will they be posted on the Web?

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:28:59 PM)
people were now signing of, we wish you all the luck espaciale our tema on OSN. good luck Detlef and Andre!

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:29:04 PM)
Detlef Good luck!

sledge - South England (17-Nov-99 10:29:21 PM)
no questions, thankyou

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:29:22 PM)
CAHA Same to you

Shorty (17-Nov-99 10:29:24 PM)
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Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:29:29 PM)
our detectors have recorded 9 meteors in the last 1 1/2 hours

Thomas (17-Nov-99 10:29:30 PM)
CAHA: would an meteorid of 1cm diameter produce an impact on the Moon so that you would see it with you 1.5m telescope?

cab (17-Nov-99 10:29:43 PM)
Thanks CAHA

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:29:46 PM)
Caha Bye bye and good luck !

craig (17-Nov-99 10:29:46 PM)
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Marco (17-Nov-99 10:29:55 PM)
like i said it went easterley and exploded near cassiopiea

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:30:00 PM)
Detlef 9 meteors?? only?? :-(

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:30:06 PM)
Victor is getting nervous...

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:30:07 PM)
I think the Moon impacts are being recorded with CCD cameras - so they will be recorded but not videoed.

CAHA (17-Nov-99 10:30:14 PM)
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EUSA`MAN (17-Nov-99 10:30:17 PM)
Detlef:where is your location?

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:30:41 PM)
there is a very bright blinking star in south, what can it be at 3:00 am

Shorty (17-Nov-99 10:30:45 PM)
Are any of you hearing of any sightings above Germany yet?

bob (17-Nov-99 10:31:02 PM)
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vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:31:16 PM)
could you suggest some website from where i can get the current skymap

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:31:16 PM)
Eusa' Man I am at the observatory of Sierra Nevada

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:31:27 PM)
Hello Bob - where are you going to watch the leonids from??

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:31:32 PM)
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bob (17-Nov-99 10:31:35 PM)
what is the latest hourly count?

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:31:38 PM)
detlef, please suggest where to find starmap

Detlef Koschny (17-Nov-99 10:31:49 PM)
I'm signing off now and going back out to observe - good luck everyone!

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:31:59 PM)

krc (17-Nov-99 10:32:02 PM)
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Shorty (17-Nov-99 10:32:06 PM)
Have Fun

cab (17-Nov-99 10:32:13 PM)
Vulcan-Probably Sirius.

EUSA`MAN (17-Nov-99 10:32:14 PM)
the activity in the east usa seemed light last night , hope its better tonite

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:32:21 PM)
Zimelda - welcome. where are you?

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:32:26 PM)
cab, oh thanks,

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:32:30 PM)
it's a bit early here in London, i think we have to wait 2 and ahalf hours for the start

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:32:30 PM)
it was very quiet last night..

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:32:53 PM)
Hi John Zarnecki

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:33:06 PM)
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Shorty (17-Nov-99 10:33:08 PM)
We had Snow clouds here. Could see nothing. Have an 8 yo little girl who was very disappointed!

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:33:22 PM)
where are you shorty?

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:33:24 PM)
fingers crossed eh?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:33:24 PM)
Shorty :-(

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:33:39 PM)
Shorty She can wait for the 2001-2002 display

Shorty (17-Nov-99 10:33:41 PM)
Told her would wake her up if we could see anything tonight. I am in Germany

Thomas (17-Nov-99 10:33:42 PM)
bob: the latest count rate is still close to the background level, check:

Arik P Michigan (17-Nov-99 10:33:43 PM)
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rainer (17-Nov-99 10:33:48 PM)
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Marco-England (17-Nov-99 10:33:53 PM)
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cab (17-Nov-99 10:33:54 PM)
How small a particle could damage SOHO?

Arik P Michigan (17-Nov-99 10:34:10 PM)
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EUSA`MAN (17-Nov-99 10:34:13 PM)
evidently at 7pm EST LAst nite there was bright streak, they say lasted 20 sec

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:34:15 PM)
We are now joined by spacecraft hazard expert, Doug Caswell. He is in the Communications Division at ESA .

Marco-England (17-Nov-99 10:34:32 PM)
Hi Doug

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:34:36 PM)
maybe doug can answer this

Shorty (17-Nov-99 10:34:37 PM)
Hi Doug

Haddock (17-Nov-99 10:34:41 PM)
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centauro (17-Nov-99 10:34:47 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:34:50 PM)
Doug - Has the European space Agency taken any precautions tonight with its satellites??

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:34:50 PM)
John Which group recovered SOHO?

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:34:50 PM)
Cab, a very small milligram could damage at 71 kilometers per second

Arik P Michigan (17-Nov-99 10:34:52 PM)
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Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:35:11 PM)
A team of more than 160 engineers and scientists

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:35:15 PM)
i looked last night in London at midnight but saw nothing :( but it wasnt expected to be good last night...

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:35:26 PM)
Cab, the problem is also the generation of plasmas which effect electronics

krc (17-Nov-99 10:35:29 PM)
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Marco-England (17-Nov-99 10:35:31 PM)
Zimelda- I saw 2!!!

Shorty (17-Nov-99 10:35:43 PM)
Just now, Marco?

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:35:44 PM)
oooooh - when, where Marco ?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:35:46 PM)
Bernhard 160 people?

pje (Boston, MA area) (17-Nov-99 10:35:49 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:35:52 PM)
Zimelda - What is the sky like now in London??

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:35:57 PM)
very clear

bob (17-Nov-99 10:35:59 PM)
does the storm hit, or does activity increase to storm level?

Thomas (17-Nov-99 10:36:01 PM)
Zimelda: try to look this night at 2am

Marco-England (17-Nov-99 10:36:03 PM)
Just South Of wonchester

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:36:05 PM)
from ESA, Matra-Marconi Space in France (the prime-contractor who built SOHO), NASA, universities, research labs, ...

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:36:07 PM)
i will i will

Marco-England (17-Nov-99 10:36:10 PM)
Winchester even

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:36:27 PM)
Winchester - not so far from London :)

philiperickson (17-Nov-99 10:36:27 PM)
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sledge - South England (17-Nov-99 10:36:30 PM)
cloud is too thick, lost the moon now

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:36:43 PM)
oooh sledge, but hopefully it will clear

Shorty (17-Nov-99 10:36:44 PM)
Which direction should we be looking from Germany?

EUSA`MAN (17-Nov-99 10:36:47 PM)
i know was weak for a metoer shower last night hope it gets better,, anyone out there seeing any activity at the moment?

Marco-England (17-Nov-99 10:36:49 PM)
Its not looking good sledge...

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:36:49 PM)
It gets interesting when you have about 100 per hour which happened last year. you see about 2 a minute, Sometimes se3veral a minute

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:36:51 PM)
Yes, overall there were more tha 160 people involved.

Kate (17-Nov-99 10:37:06 PM)
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sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 10:37:07 PM)
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Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:37:11 PM)
about 20 engineers from ESA, some 20 from Matra,

Haddock (17-Nov-99 10:37:19 PM)
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Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:37:28 PM)
Bernhard Who proposed to use the Arecibo radiotelescope?

judy (17-Nov-99 10:37:32 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:37:42 PM)
Shorty - You should be looking South East (at or near Orion)

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:37:43 PM)
then of course the Flight Operations Team, NASA engineers, Deeo Space Netork ,,.

goldfish (17-Nov-99 10:37:44 PM)
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Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:37:44 PM)
hi judy - where are you viewing

Shorty (17-Nov-99 10:37:53 PM)
Ok, thanks John.

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 10:37:58 PM)
pooh weather!

mm (17-Nov-99 10:38:22 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:38:31 PM)
Sledge _ Can you describe "pooh" weather?

Marco-England (17-Nov-99 10:38:32 PM)
it may clear up...

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 10:38:35 PM)
the pressure was rising all day, and then at about 1700 GMT it levelled,

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:38:38 PM)

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:38:39 PM)
mm where are you from

bob (17-Nov-99 10:38:46 PM)
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Thomas (17-Nov-99 10:38:50 PM)
Bernhard Fleck: will you switch off and on SOHO for every meteor stream?

EUSA`MAN (17-Nov-99 10:38:51 PM)
Look up, I know that sounds dumb, but u can actually look in any direction. look in the direction where u see the activity,, is this right?

Kate (17-Nov-99 10:38:54 PM)
I am living Ottawa,Canada. what time can I see Leonids tonight

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:39:02 PM)
This was a colleague of mine, Dr Alan Kiplinger from University of Colorado.

centauro (17-Nov-99 10:39:21 PM)
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Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:39:22 PM)
He's also a solar physicist

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:39:23 PM)
Kate, I lived in Ottawa, Kanata for years before Holland

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:39:36 PM)
We had thought about it before, but concluded it would not be possible.

Shorty from Germany (17-Nov-99 10:39:36 PM)
(This user is now known as Shorty from Germany)

cab (17-Nov-99 10:39:40 PM)
Thanks for the answers. Happy watching.

cab (17-Nov-99 10:39:43 PM)
I'm off to find a clear sky. (This user has left DigiChat)

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:39:48 PM)
But it worked!

judy (17-Nov-99 10:39:55 PM)
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Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:40:05 PM)
if you're interested in the SOHO recovery, check out

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:40:06 PM)

Kate (17-Nov-99 10:40:13 PM)
I am living in Ottawa,Canada. When can I see Leonoids tonight?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:40:14 PM)
Berhanrd Taking note

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:40:17 PM)
The peak in Ottawa is stil 0200 GMT so take off 5 hours, 0900 PM local time

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:40:25 PM)
it's quite an amazing story!!

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:40:32 PM)
for me it's still a miracle that we got this mission back

marie-paule (17-Nov-99 10:40:41 PM)
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KR (17-Nov-99 10:40:43 PM)
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Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:40:46 PM)
Bernhard Yes, it seems!!

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:40:48 PM)
Kate - You should start watching as soon as it gets dark. You will probably miss the peak this year wher you are.

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 10:41:08 PM)
sorry. cloud cover, at maybe upwards from 8000ft /2500m, thinkening, with a slight 5knot (ish) se wind

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:41:19 PM)
Hello marie-paule and KR. Where are you both and how is the weather??

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:41:29 PM)
KR where are you located

Shorty from Germany (17-Nov-99 10:41:32 PM)
Think about 2 am here? for the peak?

mm (17-Nov-99 10:41:42 PM)

KR (17-Nov-99 10:41:48 PM)
In Sweden

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:41:51 PM)
Thomas, you asked whether we plan to switrch of SOHO for all meteor stream. NO, only for meteor storms

pje (Boston, MA area) (17-Nov-99 10:41:54 PM)
Kate: I agree with John. In the northeast US, Leo doesn't rise above the horizon until at or after midnight local time. Still, worth looking.

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:41:57 PM)
Here in Holland it is getting clearer, we could be lucky

Shorty from Germany (17-Nov-99 10:42:19 PM)
Crossing my fingers for you Doug!

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:42:24 PM)
Last year, that was the furst time that we did that. This year, and maybe next year, depending on what the recommendations by the space debris experts.

bert (17-Nov-99 10:42:27 PM)
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god (17-Nov-99 10:42:28 PM)
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Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:42:34 PM)
we are very lucky here in London ~ expecting spectacular display

Shorty from Germany (17-Nov-99 10:42:35 PM)
Is very exciting

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:42:42 PM)
Doug - What about the hazard to satellites? What are the chances of damage tonight??

KR (17-Nov-99 10:42:57 PM)
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Kate (17-Nov-99 10:43:04 PM)
In our class at Carleton University, nobody was talking about Leonoid. Why?

Portugal (17-Nov-99 10:43:18 PM)
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guaio (17-Nov-99 10:43:27 PM)
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goldfish (17-Nov-99 10:43:32 PM)
Is there any word of an actual storm developing?

mm (17-Nov-99 10:43:36 PM)
Dhorty where are you in Germany? I'm near Koblenz, and it's totally clouded here... :-(

BuBiNhAs (17-Nov-99 10:43:39 PM)
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buddha (17-Nov-99 10:43:46 PM)
(This user has entered ESA Science)

BuBiNhAs (17-Nov-99 10:43:55 PM)
heys =)

Shorty from Germany (17-Nov-99 10:43:56 PM)
Heard alot of satellites are being turned away from the leonids. Is this

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:43:58 PM)
Zimelda - Which part of London are you in. Can you see the sky at all?

bob (17-Nov-99 10:44:00 PM)
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Shorty from Germany (17-Nov-99 10:44:02 PM)

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:44:04 PM)
Yes, john, there is a hazard, fortunately it is small. For telecomms satellites, the largest parts are the solar arrays and fortunately the stream is almost parallel to the array surface so that the crosssection is small

guaio (17-Nov-99 10:44:05 PM)
are there an italian man?

Shorty from Germany (17-Nov-99 10:44:13 PM)
Am in Vogelweh

Shorty from Germany (17-Nov-99 10:44:19 PM)
Near Ramstein

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:44:19 PM)
Yes, and I get a good view of Orion at midnight

BuBiNhAs (17-Nov-99 10:44:23 PM)
anyone in Portugal ?

Shorty from Germany (17-Nov-99 10:44:31 PM)
I still pretty clear

Portugal (17-Nov-99 10:44:39 PM)
Hello ! I'm from portugal and i wont to know at what time should i watch for the leonids

BuBiNhAs (17-Nov-99 10:44:49 PM)
hey, Portugal

Shorty from Germany (17-Nov-99 10:44:54 PM)
Not Great, but should be able to see something

guaio (17-Nov-99 10:44:55 PM)
I can see the leonids live on-line?

bob (17-Nov-99 10:44:58 PM)
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BuBiNhAs (17-Nov-99 10:45:04 PM)
contemporanio, amigo ;)

Portugal (17-Nov-99 10:45:06 PM)
oi bubinhas

marie-paule (17-Nov-99 10:45:19 PM)
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Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:45:20 PM)
John for OLYMPUS an interesting problem occurred because we had one non movable array due to a failure and had a large crosssection which was not normal and probably that is why we were probably hit

marie-paule (17-Nov-99 10:45:27 PM)
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BuBiNhAs (17-Nov-99 10:45:40 PM)
eh pah, basta ir a janela pah ver os coisinhos?!

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:45:43 PM)
I read that Hubble cant take him to safe position, becouse one of its gyroscopes failed, do you know about it?

azuqueco (17-Nov-99 10:45:48 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:45:53 PM)
Portugal - start watching now, but the peak should be in about 3-4 hours (hopefully)

mm (17-Nov-99 10:45:57 PM)
Ola, como esta o ceu em Portugal? how's the sky in Portugal?

Portugal (17-Nov-99 10:46:00 PM)
could anyone say at what time sould i look for then ????

BuBiNhAs (17-Nov-99 10:46:08 PM)
it's... dark ; ))))

Portugal (17-Nov-99 10:46:15 PM)
diz lá

guaio (17-Nov-99 10:46:15 PM)
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Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:46:23 PM)
Portugal, the peak is about 3 am local time

Thomas (17-Nov-99 10:46:27 PM)
Bernhard Fleck: The Leonid predictions for the next years are promissing: counting rates much bigger than for this year are given. Be prepared!

Marco-England (17-Nov-99 10:46:28 PM)
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Portugal (17-Nov-99 10:46:28 PM)
o ceu por ca ta altamente ...

azuqueco (17-Nov-99 10:46:32 PM)
hola, que tal amigos de observacion

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:46:42 PM)
Thomas, are you kidding??

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:46:45 PM)
Victor - you are right a gyro has failed on HST but it is now in a safe mode and waits for the Shuttle repair mission in 3 weeks

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 10:47:04 PM)
Atencao os Portugueses - faz favor, em Ingles

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:47:10 PM)
John Hmm.. I mean in "Leonid" safe mode

tfam (17-Nov-99 10:47:14 PM)
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palatos (17-Nov-99 10:47:32 PM)
(This user has entered ESA Science)

Portugal (17-Nov-99 10:47:34 PM)
i want a aswer ... what time arrive the leonids ...

marie-paule (17-Nov-99 10:47:50 PM)
I'm close to Paris. Sky is right now partly cloudy but not mush. Jupiter and Saturn are clearly visible but it is sill early !

azuqueco (17-Nov-99 10:47:51 PM)
a las 3:08h.

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:47:52 PM)
Victor - We believe it is also in "Leonid" safe mode

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:47:57 PM)
Portugal You can see them starting at 01h local hour

EUSA`MAN (17-Nov-99 10:48:01 PM)
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Shorty from Germany (17-Nov-99 10:48:03 PM)
Well, good luck everyone! Hope you see Spectacular sightings tonight!

Portugal (17-Nov-99 10:48:15 PM)
thanks victor

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:48:15 PM)
John Oh, ok. Someone post a message on a list comment that :(

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:48:16 PM)
Portugal, they are predicted to peak about 3 am, start looking a couple of hours earlier

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:48:20 PM)
Portugal - 3.00 am in this morning.

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:48:36 PM)
John Zarnecki - where are you?

azuqueco (17-Nov-99 10:48:37 PM)
Alguien conoce un sitio cerca de Guadalajara donde se pueda observar bien

Kate (17-Nov-99 10:48:38 PM)
Pje are your mean in Ottawa,Canada, I will not able to see Leonid this year around 9:00PM?

Portugal (17-Nov-99 10:48:50 PM)
ok .. here is a nice sky for watching the sky ... good luck to you all

Shorty from Germany (17-Nov-99 10:48:53 PM)
When is Peak for here? 3 am?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:48:55 PM)
azuqueco Puf, pues si me preguntas a estas horas... :)

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:49:11 PM)
Shorty, yes 3 am your time.

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:49:24 PM)
Zimelda - I am in Holland but I come from London which as everybody knows is the Centre of the known Universe

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:49:25 PM)
Peak is predicted for 02 UTC

BuBiNhAs (17-Nov-99 10:49:27 PM)
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god (17-Nov-99 10:49:29 PM)
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sj (17-Nov-99 10:49:36 PM)
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Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:49:42 PM)
Kate, look east at 0900 for the peak and an hour after

Leo (17-Nov-99 10:49:46 PM)
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azuqueco (17-Nov-99 10:49:46 PM)
como veis el cielo cerca de madrid???? creeis que se va a ver algo

Thomas (17-Nov-99 10:49:48 PM)
Bernhard Fleck: The predictions for 2001 and 2002 are more then 10 times higher then the ones for this year!

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:49:49 PM)
i am laughing somuch John!

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 10:49:51 PM)
well, it's cloudy at the centre of the universe

Mark (17-Nov-99 10:49:55 PM)
The storm may be late......forecasting isn't 100%......Kate

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:49:56 PM)
azuqueco Te vale con que sea un cielo oscuro y despejado.

Shorty from Germany (17-Nov-99 10:49:58 PM)
Thanks Bernhard! Ya'll have a great sky-watching night from this re-located Texas Gal! ;-)

le_pierre (17-Nov-99 10:50:00 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:50:04 PM)
Hello sj. Where are you watching the Leonids from??

sj (17-Nov-99 10:50:15 PM)

Gadget - France (17-Nov-99 10:50:19 PM)
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azuqueco (17-Nov-99 10:50:23 PM)
ya, victor, pero por aqui no hace un buen tiempo

Paal Brekke - Washington DC (17-Nov-99 10:50:25 PM)
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Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:50:27 PM)
Thomas, you meteor guys have nothing else to do than to scare us???

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:50:54 PM)
Last year you said 1999 would be worst.

pje (Boston, MA area) (17-Nov-99 10:50:56 PM)
Kate: I agree with everyone else. Try watching at 9 pm Ottawa time and after for meteors. The peak may happen at the time people predict, or it may happen later.

mm (17-Nov-99 10:50:58 PM)
is there any hope that the weather gets better in Germany?

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:50:59 PM)
Welcome le_pierre. Where are you watching the Leonids from??

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:51:02 PM)
A scare can turn into reality Bernhard

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:51:10 PM)
i am not going to bed until i see at least one Leonid!

palatos (17-Nov-99 10:51:16 PM)
Hier auf dem Ruetliberg ist noch nichts zu sehen!

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 10:51:20 PM)
hopefully not, I pay for sat Tv

Kate (17-Nov-99 10:51:22 PM)
Doug Caswell thank you for giving me an Information !

azuqueco (17-Nov-99 10:51:33 PM)
alguien vive cerca de madrid????

pje (Boston, MA area) (17-Nov-99 10:51:40 PM)
Kate: if the peak is 4 hours or so late, then you are in very good shape, as Leo will be above the horizon. So stay up as late as you can!

le_pierre (17-Nov-99 10:51:43 PM)
John: I'm in New York state... sunset a half hour ago and not going out for 6 hours yet!

Doug (17-Nov-99 10:51:45 PM)
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Leo (17-Nov-99 10:51:51 PM)
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Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:52:10 PM)
azuqueco Me parece que la gente que esta en el canal casi todos son europeos. Hay algunos en Sierra Nevada y Almeria

Shorty from Germany (17-Nov-99 10:52:22 PM)
mm, I think snow is predicted again for tonight, so don't know when it is supposed to clear up here!

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:52:22 PM)
Doug where are you from

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:52:26 PM)
Doug - you must know about real scares. Didn't your Olympus satellite suffer a sad end??

goldfish - California (17-Nov-99 10:52:30 PM)
(This user is now known as goldfish - California)

Mark (17-Nov-99 10:52:46 PM)
I predict it peaks at 2100 UTC

azuqueco (17-Nov-99 10:53:06 PM)
que tal amigos aqui estamos preparados con un te bien caliente.

sj (17-Nov-99 10:53:07 PM)
how are rates at the moment ??

Doug (17-Nov-99 10:53:08 PM)
I'm in Seattle. It's clearing up here and I'm wondering about headed across the mountains tonight to take a look.

Shorty from Germany (17-Nov-99 10:53:08 PM)
Going to go sky watch, good luck to everyone!

Shorty from Germany (17-Nov-99 10:53:19 PM)
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Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:53:19 PM)
viel spass

marie-paule (17-Nov-99 10:53:22 PM)
For John Zarnecki, concerning tour answer to Victor I just read on NASA website that the Hubble repair has been delayed up to december because of necessary checking on the shuttle, but it should occur before 14 of december.

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 10:53:26 PM)
good luck Shorty

goldfish - California (17-Nov-99 10:53:30 PM)
Mark, where does that prediction come from?

Paal Brekke - Washington DC (17-Nov-99 10:53:36 PM)
Rates: look at

Felix (17-Nov-99 10:53:42 PM)
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azuqueco (17-Nov-99 10:53:51 PM)
felix, de donde eres???

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:53:51 PM)
i'm going to pop out and see if i can see orion..... brb

Mark (17-Nov-99 10:54:00 PM)
Just a wish.....want to see the peak in Arizona

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:54:05 PM)
marie-paule - Thabnks for the update on HST repair mission

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:54:09 PM)
John, yes at the peak of the Perseids in 1993 which rose to about 400 per hour, 2 hours prior we lost satellite control, probably a hit and plasma which entered the satellite through an umbilical. We spun up and lost fuel having to end the mission

Portugal (17-Nov-99 10:54:25 PM)
Come to spend some time in Portugal .. it's great ... (This user has left DigiChat)

Felix (17-Nov-99 10:54:46 PM)
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mm (17-Nov-99 10:54:46 PM)

mm (17-Nov-99 10:54:48 PM)
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Paal Brekke Washington DC (17-Nov-99 10:54:50 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:54:52 PM)
Doug - so how much was lost (money wise) due to one tiny Perseid??

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:54:53 PM)
Daniel Green (IAU): "It looks as if this year's Leonid showing is pretty weak, unfortunately, but we can hope for a sudden increase in the next few hours".

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:54:56 PM)
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buddha (17-Nov-99 10:55:08 PM)
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azuqueco (17-Nov-99 10:55:16 PM)
Hola marco, de donde eres??? hace buen tiempo

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 10:55:20 PM)
Hi Marco (again)

Kate (17-Nov-99 10:55:23 PM)
pje- OK I will try! I hope the out sideof the tempareture at that point time will not be below -5.

Mark (17-Nov-99 10:55:36 PM)
It's weak.....cause it will peak over the western

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:55:47 PM)
Mark lol :-)

pje (Boston, MA area) (17-Nov-99 10:55:59 PM)
Kate: That's the challenge of observing! To stay warm enough to look up!

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:56:00 PM)
Zarnecki, what should be visible now, at 3:25 am

Arik P Michigan (17-Nov-99 10:56:12 PM)
Kate - I share your wish...

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:56:15 PM)
hello again sledge!

azuqueco - Madrid (17-Nov-99 10:56:16 PM)
(This user is now known as azuqueco - Madrid)

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:56:27 PM)
John, the satellite loss really impacted our planned programs, and was never replaced. When you launch it takes a while to get a program going and it is difficult to lose the machine. The original satellite cost 500 million

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:56:48 PM)
sledge, I saw the starmap at bbc.

Essen (17-Nov-99 10:56:51 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:56:54 PM)
Vulcan - The meteor rate should just be starting to pick up now. Do you see anything nyet??

azuqueco - Madrid (17-Nov-99 10:56:57 PM)
hi essen

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:57:02 PM)

Mark (17-Nov-99 10:57:08 PM)
Oh well.....then we lose the Mars orbiter over bad math....hehe

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 10:57:11 PM)
vulcan - was it any help

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:57:13 PM)
John :-(

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 10:57:27 PM)
John I'm really nervous yet

goldfish - California (17-Nov-99 10:57:27 PM)
Mark, isn't 21:00 UT about 1pm in the western US? or do I have it wrong?

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:57:35 PM)
yes, it highlighted the directions of gemini, taurus

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:57:36 PM)
Mark, this remains a most risky business

Kate (17-Nov-99 10:57:47 PM)
Aric- which city are you living?

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 10:57:53 PM)
Does anybody out there (especially in UK) know "the score"??

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 10:57:54 PM)
I think i could make out some shape

Arik P Michigan (17-Nov-99 10:58:08 PM)
Kate- Ann will be freezing I guess...

azuqueco - Madrid (17-Nov-99 10:58:10 PM)
hi kate, how are you

Mark (17-Nov-99 10:58:13 PM)
yeah your right.....bad math here too.....let's say 0300UTC

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:58:16 PM)
John, I hear your team is losing

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 10:58:19 PM)
vulcan - the weather here is bad, let's hope you see some

Essen (17-Nov-99 10:58:19 PM)
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Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 10:58:27 PM)
ZHR still bellow 40

Marco (17-Nov-99 10:58:49 PM)
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Zimelda (17-Nov-99 10:58:53 PM)
we have intermittent cloud here in London....9.55 pm

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 10:59:08 PM)
Mark, make that o200 UTC, It is the same for the whole earth. The earth impacts the stream waiting for us in space.

le_pierre (17-Nov-99 10:59:21 PM)
Headed home... back closer to predicted peak time.

Sinai (17-Nov-99 10:59:22 PM)
questino is 23:00 GMT 6pm EST?

le_pierre (17-Nov-99 10:59:26 PM)
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azuqueco - Madrid (17-Nov-99 10:59:39 PM)
alguien es español, como yo, aparte de victor

tfam (17-Nov-99 10:59:45 PM)
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Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:00:02 PM)
le pierre where are you

goldfish - California (17-Nov-99 11:00:08 PM)
But for the western US to see it well it should happen between 8 and 14 UT, no?

azuqueco - Madrid (17-Nov-99 11:00:11 PM)
victor, sabes de alguna web, donde se pueda seguir el acontecimiento en directo????

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 11:00:22 PM)
just saw one, south of orion, about 3 meter tail. glew in all colors for about 3 secs

Mark (17-Nov-99 11:00:25 PM)
Leonids are ariving late, so the NASA ballon can film

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 11:00:28 PM)
azuqueco, pero hasta dentro de una hora nada

Kate (17-Nov-99 11:00:31 PM)
Is there any person who living Ottawa in this chat right now?

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 11:00:41 PM)
vulcan - that is so good

goldfish - California (17-Nov-99 11:00:45 PM)
And what is IoI ?

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 11:00:52 PM)
yeah, it felt so nice

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 11:01:00 PM)
lot of

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:01:04 PM)
well done vulcan

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 11:01:06 PM)
Zimelda, could you locate orion

Tiago (17-Nov-99 11:01:10 PM)
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Marco (Again (17-Nov-99 11:01:16 PM)
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Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:01:16 PM)
Vulcan did you believe the speed of it

azuqueco - Madrid (17-Nov-99 11:01:17 PM)
gracias, victor, hasta otra, y buena suerte

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 11:01:22 PM)
azuqueco Igualmente

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 11:01:26 PM)
where in India Vulcan? No I cannot see orion at the moment - too much cloud

azuqueco - Madrid (17-Nov-99 11:01:28 PM)
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Sinai (17-Nov-99 11:01:33 PM)
laugh out loud= if what is 23:00 GMT in EST?......thanks....:)

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 11:01:40 PM)
it just flickered past, but tail glew for 3 secs or so

goldfish - California (17-Nov-99 11:01:40 PM)
thanks, my first chat

Marco (Again (17-Nov-99 11:01:45 PM)

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:01:55 PM)
6 pm EST

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 11:02:00 PM)
where are you Vulcan?

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 11:02:04 PM)
I am at Indore

gnleo (17-Nov-99 11:02:14 PM)
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Sinai (17-Nov-99 11:02:14 PM)
thanks bernhard.....appreciate it

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:02:15 PM)
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Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:02:15 PM)

pje (Boston, MA area) (17-Nov-99 11:02:15 PM)
EST is 5 hours behind GMT. So right now it's almost 1700 EST = 2200 GMT (or UTC).

Mark (17-Nov-99 11:02:17 PM)
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vulcan India (17-Nov-99 11:02:18 PM)
Sky is totally clear and pitch dark

Arik P Michigan (17-Nov-99 11:02:25 PM)
Indoors? :)

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:02:28 PM)
whats the time in Indor?

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 11:02:37 PM)
hi again Marco (again)

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 11:02:45 PM)
at indore, it is 3:30 am

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:02:51 PM)
hi again sledge LOL

gnleo (17-Nov-99 11:02:55 PM)
Hi there !

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:03:16 PM)
When the radiant is above you the Leonids come from an open circle. Before that they go from high in South to low in north about as fast as you can move your arm

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 11:03:20 PM)
Bernhard Below 40... 1) The peak will be very narrow 2) The peak will be later than predicted time 3) We have to redo our calculations about particle distribution :-)

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:03:27 PM)
is it still cloudy sledge?

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:03:39 PM)
hi gnleo

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 11:03:42 PM)
yes, still thinkening, no moon now either

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:03:50 PM)
oh grrreat

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 11:04:12 PM)
I lied, the moon is just visible

gnleo (17-Nov-99 11:04:30 PM)
Do you have any news about the activity ? I´ just preparing my All-Sky-Camera

Tiago (17-Nov-99 11:04:35 PM)
Exit (This user has left DigiChat)

Sharrif (17-Nov-99 11:04:41 PM)
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Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:04:48 PM)
Doug - how bad can a meteor impact on a spacecraft be?

vulcan India (17-Nov-99 11:04:52 PM)
Zimelda, orion is just visible above the head, notice 3 shining stars is a row

Sharrif (17-Nov-99 11:05:02 PM)
Less than 4 hours till peak time!

Tiago (17-Nov-99 11:05:09 PM)
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sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 11:05:12 PM)
has anyone tried that experiment with the radio trying to pick up a distant station from meteor reflexion?

Geraldine (17-Nov-99 11:05:27 PM)
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sj (17-Nov-99 11:05:31 PM)
where from is the live image on the esa site ??

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 11:05:33 PM)

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:05:40 PM)
victor, mentioned that ZHR is below 40

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 11:05:40 PM)
Well, people. I am leaving to get prepared for observing

Kate (17-Nov-99 11:05:41 PM)
How are people exciting for this year's leonids in Europe? from Ottawa,Canada.

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:05:42 PM)

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 11:05:49 PM)
bye Victor

palatos (17-Nov-99 11:05:50 PM)
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Zimelda (17-Nov-99 11:05:54 PM)
amazing Vulcan, fancy you being able to see Orion in your sky when I can see it in mine in London :)

Germain Le Cabellec (17-Nov-99 11:05:55 PM)
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Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 11:06:10 PM)
John When will you close the chat?

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:06:21 PM)
The impact can vary depending where it hits. At these speeds everything is penetrated. if you penetrate a fuel tank or a battery there would be an explosion. But the largest areas are the solar arrays and you simply get a hole, and a plasma,

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 11:06:25 PM)
well,if there wasn't any cloud - i could see it clearly at midnight last night

Geraldine (17-Nov-99 11:06:32 PM)
Apart from looking pretty, why are the Leonids so interesting to scientists?

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 11:06:39 PM)
Zimelda - how clear is it in Easleigh?

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 11:06:43 PM)
John Maybe I could return after observing to comment...

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:06:48 PM)
sky is clearing in Noordwijk

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:06:50 PM)

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 11:07:05 PM)
i am not in eastleigh i am in north london and it is cloudy here at themoment

Sharrif (17-Nov-99 11:07:07 PM)
Not a good year for satellites between the Leonids and the solar peak.

Tiago (17-Nov-99 11:07:18 PM)
Exit (This user has left DigiChat)

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 11:07:18 PM)

Tiago (17-Nov-99 11:07:24 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:07:28 PM)
We can learn a lot about the composition of comets

gnleo (17-Nov-99 11:07:33 PM)
Is there anyone from northern germany ?? Where is no rain ??

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:07:42 PM)
Jupiter is just visible throught the cloud but it does not look promising#

Doug (17-Nov-99 11:07:57 PM)
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Geraldine (17-Nov-99 11:08:15 PM)
Why are comets exciting?

kim (17-Nov-99 11:08:18 PM)
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vulcan India (17-Nov-99 11:08:18 PM)
Marco, Jupiter and saturn are very visible here also

gnleo (17-Nov-99 11:08:21 PM)
Tschüss. Viel Spaß und Erfolg beim Gucken !!

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 11:08:28 PM)
when Jupiter started to rise in the summer, one of my friends was arguing that it was the north star

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 11:08:29 PM)
I'm from north Germany, there is no rain here ?

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 11:08:29 PM)
cos they're gorgeous Geraldine!

sj (17-Nov-99 11:08:32 PM)
In Limburg sky is closed at the moment

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:08:32 PM)
(This user is now known as Germain)

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:08:54 PM)
hi tiago

Sinai1 (17-Nov-99 11:08:58 PM)
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vulcan India (17-Nov-99 11:09:00 PM)
when should mercury and venus rise?

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:09:01 PM)
Sharrif, this is normal only now worst case. The risks are largely manageable but not absolute. There are easier times.

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:09:10 PM)
Who reckons the ESA should have a permanent chat forum?

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:09:11 PM)
comets are the most primitive objects in the solar system

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:09:11 PM)
sky is now very clear here in holland

Thomas (17-Nov-99 11:09:26 PM)
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Jaymz (17-Nov-99 11:09:34 PM)
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Germain (17-Nov-99 11:09:37 PM)
Hello John.

sj (17-Nov-99 11:09:39 PM)
early in the evening whe had clear sky

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:09:41 PM)
what do you all think about more chat forums?!

Geraldine (17-Nov-99 11:09:50 PM)
The sky is too cloudy in Oxford to see very much

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 11:09:58 PM)
chatmaster,you lucky, only clouds here in Hamburg

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 11:09:58 PM)
well, I'm going to go out and get a take out, and sit on a hill for a few hours...hope everybody gets to see something......

sj (17-Nov-99 11:10:05 PM)
not in limburg chatmaster

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:10:09 PM)
Do you know if I have chances to see leonids tonight in France ?

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 11:10:09 PM)
here in London too it is cloudy Geraldine

Sophal (17-Nov-99 11:10:14 PM)
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Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:10:15 PM)
a good idea

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:10:19 PM)
...and at what time ?

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:10:21 PM)
cloudy here Geraldine

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:10:24 PM)
sj - drive quickly then

Erwin (17-Nov-99 11:10:31 PM)
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Jaymz (17-Nov-99 11:10:33 PM)
here is Portugal, the weather is fine

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:10:49 PM)
Any further questions regarding SOHO?

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:10:53 PM)
welcome erwin

Kate (17-Nov-99 11:11:06 PM)
not many cloud but cold.

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:11:07 PM)
Germain, you should be able to see if the clouds are thin

sj (17-Nov-99 11:11:10 PM)
i am waiting here becose at 3 o clock the open sky is here

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:11:21 PM)
Germain, if the sky is clear go out and start watching around 2 a.m.

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:11:21 PM)
strange- i cant think of any questions!

Sinai (17-Nov-99 11:11:22 PM)
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Arik P Michigan (17-Nov-99 11:11:24 PM)
Bernhard, did EIT spot the Mercury transit?

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:11:35 PM)

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 11:11:37 PM)
bernhard fleck; I've been having trouble accessing the SOHO site tonight. Is there a problem?

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:11:41 PM)

Arik P Michigan (17-Nov-99 11:11:47 PM)
Any online pictures?

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:11:57 PM)
Thank you John and the weather is quite fine tonight

gnleo (17-Nov-99 11:11:57 PM)
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Erwin (17-Nov-99 11:12:00 PM)
Hello all..I'm radio amateur and I'm watching the leonids on 144MHz. There ist still nothing here in South Germany

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:12:02 PM)
check out the SOHO Hot shots page at:

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:12:02 PM)
for the moment

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 11:12:03 PM)
no questions..... but thanks... it's been a blast ( if you excuse the pun)

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 11:12:09 PM)
i have to work tomorrow so i am going to set my alarm for 1 a.m. here in London and if the sky is clear and i see Leonids (and I will!) i will come and tell you :)

Arik P Michigan (17-Nov-99 11:12:18 PM)

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:12:19 PM)
I'm an Radio amateur as well

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:12:28 PM)
Dizzy, which site did you try to access? The US site our our European mirror site?

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 11:12:29 PM)
that's about three hours...

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:12:38 PM)
Me to Zimelda

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:12:41 PM)
Zimelda, so do we

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:12:42 PM)

Jaymz (17-Nov-99 11:12:47 PM)
i think i'm gona sleep now, as well

Erwin (17-Nov-99 11:12:51 PM)
Hi Marco !! still no pings or bursts here in JN48

deko (17-Nov-99 11:12:52 PM)
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pedro (17-Nov-99 11:12:52 PM)
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Zimelda (17-Nov-99 11:13:01 PM)
see you later than - Germain Doug John

Tiago (17-Nov-99 11:13:02 PM)
Sim sou Português.

Jaymz (17-Nov-99 11:13:06 PM)

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:13:08 PM)
I'm QRT at this very moment

Zimelda (17-Nov-99 11:13:13 PM)
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deko (17-Nov-99 11:13:14 PM)
anyone seen much yet ?

wheaty (17-Nov-99 11:13:17 PM)
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Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:13:30 PM)
just checked both SOHO sites, both work fine for me -

Ektanoor (17-Nov-99 11:13:35 PM)
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kim (17-Nov-99 11:13:35 PM)
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vulcan India (17-Nov-99 11:13:50 PM)
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Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:13:53 PM)
have you already installed the SOHO real-time images screen saver?

deko (17-Nov-99 11:13:54 PM)
the ZHR repoted on the leonidslive site has gone down since this afternoon anyone explain why ?

Geraldine (17-Nov-99 11:13:57 PM)
I'm off to bed. Wherever you are I hope you see the Leonids and if you make a wish on a shooting star I hope it comes true.

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:14:03 PM)
Erwin, have a look at the radio plot of a fireball over Portugal at

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:14:19 PM)
check out:

Jaymz (17-Nov-99 11:14:26 PM)

Erwin (17-Nov-99 11:14:30 PM)
Thanks John..will check !!

pedro (17-Nov-99 11:14:31 PM)
tudo tiago tàs a ver alguma coisa no ceu

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 11:14:44 PM)
Bernhard Fleck: You're right, they're are working fine for me now too. hadn't checked in a couple of hours. Thanx.

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:14:46 PM)
John, the site you gave doesn't work

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:14:48 PM)
Hello Ektanoor and Wheaty - where are yiou watching Leonids from??

Jaymz (17-Nov-99 11:14:49 PM)
doesn't work!

wheaty (17-Nov-99 11:14:56 PM)
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Geraldine (17-Nov-99 11:15:00 PM)
(This user has left DigiChat)

Sophal (17-Nov-99 11:15:07 PM)
The radiant should rise soon here in France

Ektanoor (17-Nov-99 11:15:07 PM)
From Russia

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:15:09 PM)
no SOHO real-time images at the moment, of course

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:15:14 PM)
we'll be back online Monday

zimelda (17-Nov-99 11:15:22 PM)
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Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:15:28 PM)
Ektanoor, where in Russia

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:15:34 PM)
hello again zimelda

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:15:36 PM)

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:15:43 PM)
I have a question: Is the copoments of the leonids can give some explainition of the construction of the earth ?

zimelda (17-Nov-99 11:15:46 PM)
okay, just checking i can get back to you - and I can :)

Ektanoor (17-Nov-99 11:15:55 PM)
From Kazan

zimelda (17-Nov-99 11:15:55 PM)
see you later hopefully

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:15:59 PM)
for earth formation.

zimelda (17-Nov-99 11:16:06 PM)
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Sharrif (17-Nov-99 11:16:08 PM)
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Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:16:17 PM)
hello ektanoor from Kazan - how is the sky there?

deko (17-Nov-99 11:16:22 PM)
any brits in here..........?

Ektanoor (17-Nov-99 11:16:24 PM)
Right now nothing much to be seen. It's cloudy

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:16:25 PM)

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:16:27 PM)
Germaine, the comets are what the planets formed from originally

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:16:30 PM)
deko- yes

Erwin (17-Nov-99 11:16:30 PM)
Fine site !!! My proposal for 2night....NO OUTBURST

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:16:33 PM)
Ektanoor whats the weather like in Kazan??

Kate (17-Nov-99 11:16:45 PM)
hi I am from Japan. this chat remind me "Kaiten -Sushi restrants" this chat is like dish plates are on a round beltconveyre. Does it make sense to you?

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:16:50 PM)
It is the same of the earth ?

Cooper (17-Nov-99 11:17:10 PM)
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Germain (17-Nov-99 11:17:15 PM)
I'm a boy, not a girl !

Tiago (17-Nov-99 11:17:15 PM)
Pedro ainda não se vê nada.

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:17:21 PM)
remember ppl- look up!!

Jaymz (17-Nov-99 11:17:24 PM)
pois não

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:17:28 PM)
Ektanoor, where is kazan

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:17:29 PM)
ne -e after Germain.

deko (17-Nov-99 11:17:34 PM)
i didn't see any leonid activity last night 11:00-12UT and 04:00-050:00 UT Essex England....saw a few sporadics

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:17:56 PM)
deko i saw 4 or 5 sporadics

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 11:18:03 PM)
Bernhard Fleck: What do you say to the Millenium Group saying they are seeing something unusual that they call ORCA on the SOHO images

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:18:07 PM)
Kate - you''re right. Were going to talk what we hope to learn from meteors and cosmic dust.

Victor - Canary Islands (17-Nov-99 11:18:19 PM)
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pedro (17-Nov-99 11:18:22 PM)
obrigado, aqui esta um bocado com nuvens,tas a onde?

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:18:28 PM)
John - what is so interesting about dust?!

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:18:28 PM)
Can we give a date of the inauguration of the earth ?

Luc (17-Nov-99 11:18:32 PM)
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Ektanoor (17-Nov-99 11:18:42 PM)
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Jaymz (17-Nov-99 11:18:46 PM)
perto do porto

Jaymz (17-Nov-99 11:18:51 PM)
mas tá mm porreiro

deko (17-Nov-99 11:19:04 PM)
who is the expert on here ?

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:19:05 PM)
Germain its exactly 4.6 billion years ago (and 3 days!!)

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:19:11 PM)
Germaine, about 4.6 billion years ago

Sophal (17-Nov-99 11:19:31 PM)
question : can we see leonids before the radiant is arisen ?

pedro (17-Nov-99 11:19:32 PM)

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:19:39 PM)
explain these 3 dfays!

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:19:43 PM)
doug- what are the prospects for the geminids next month?

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:19:47 PM)
Chat Master - Dust makes up 1 % of the Universe. Thats a lot of material.

Erwin (17-Nov-99 11:19:55 PM)
OK...fine observing the leonids !!! Have a nice night

Cooper (17-Nov-99 11:19:58 PM)
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deko (17-Nov-99 11:20:09 PM)
can anyone explain wht the ZHR reported on leonids live is going down not up

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:20:17 PM)
Thanks. It is possible to analize dust comets ?

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:20:31 PM)
but what can you learn about the universe by studying meteors?

deko (17-Nov-99 11:20:33 PM)
have the scientists miscalculated like last year ?

Ektanoor (17-Nov-99 11:20:34 PM)
(This user has entered ESA Science)

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:20:36 PM)
Dizzy, sorry, was just out for a moment.

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:20:36 PM)
Is it possble. Pardon-me.

Kate (17-Nov-99 11:20:37 PM)
today, I will tell Leonids many of my wishes and dreams...

Kate (17-Nov-99 11:21:12 PM)
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Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:21:16 PM)
hello can anyone hear me??

sledge - South England - Hampshire (17-Nov-99 11:21:17 PM)
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Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:21:18 PM)
Germain if you collect them you can analyse, Also you can do spectral analysis of the tails as they burn in the atmosphere

Jaymz (17-Nov-99 11:21:18 PM)
me too, i'll make thousands of wishes

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:21:42 PM)
Where can we collect dust ?

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:21:49 PM)
wer're still here Marco - why don't you ask the meteor experts everything you need to know?

qin (17-Nov-99 11:21:51 PM)
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Germain (17-Nov-99 11:21:53 PM)
On the north pole ?

deko (17-Nov-99 11:22:06 PM)
can anyone explain why the ZHR reported on leonids live is dropping was @ 63 @ 5pm UT now @ 34 ZHR....why ????????????

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:22:06 PM)
i did ask a question....

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:22:10 PM)
I talked to them, but they simply don't want to listen. In my view, these people are almost dangerous, as they circulate such wrong information.

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:22:14 PM)
welcome qin - where are you coming from?

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:22:19 PM)
Germain - Analysing dust from comets is really important. I have here Gerhard Schwehm who is the world expert on this subject and is leading the Rosetta satellite scientific instruments which will land on a comet in 2012!!

marie-paule (17-Nov-99 11:22:22 PM)
South of Paris the eastern part of the sky is becoming cloudy,bad luck

x0130525 (17-Nov-99 11:22:37 PM)
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Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:22:42 PM)
Germain, last year there was an experiment on a Russian satellite which was returned. Also, balloons are launched to collect.

qin (17-Nov-99 11:22:44 PM)
Hi! who are you?

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:23:02 PM)
so what are the geminids going to be like next month - john?? doug??

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:23:30 PM)
I'm Erica - we're talking with meteor experts from ESA and spacecraft experts

x0130525 (17-Nov-99 11:23:30 PM)

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:23:36 PM)
So is in atmosphere we can collect dust . Where must be no pollution ?

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:23:43 PM)
I must admit I don't understand these people, what drives them to write such a nonsense. Anyway, enough said ...

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:24:00 PM)
qin - you can ask questions to any of the experts - all you want to know about meteors

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:24:08 PM)
Germain (from Gerhard) Comets have the most primitive material in the whole Solar System and studying the composition of comet dust provides us with information on the origin of the Solar System and the evolution of the planets and maybe the evolution of life (phew!!)

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:24:08 PM)
Any other questions regarding SOHO?

pedro (17-Nov-99 11:24:09 PM)
qin es tu?

tos (17-Nov-99 11:24:10 PM)
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Germain (17-Nov-99 11:24:20 PM)
What can we learn by dust.

x0130525 (17-Nov-99 11:24:37 PM)
falo portuges

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:24:42 PM)
I see

Jaymz (17-Nov-99 11:24:42 PM)
eu também

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:24:55 PM)
Hello tos welcome. Where are you watching the Leonids from??

pedro (17-Nov-99 11:24:59 PM)
falamos todos ?

deko (17-Nov-99 11:25:03 PM)
can someone please please tell me wht the reported ZHR on leonidslive is droppping ?

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:25:05 PM)
I understand it is very important

x0130525 (17-Nov-99 11:25:16 PM)

Tiago (17-Nov-99 11:25:27 PM)
eu tambem

Jaymz (17-Nov-99 11:25:38 PM)
digam nicks da PTNET.

Jaymz (17-Nov-99 11:25:51 PM)
o meu eh JAYMZ

x0130525 (17-Nov-99 11:25:52 PM)
onde e que eu esto

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:26:01 PM)
welcome all the visitors from portugal - bom dia

Bas (17-Nov-99 11:26:01 PM)
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Pat (17-Nov-99 11:26:02 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:26:03 PM)
Germain (from Gerhard) The dust is the same composition as the material in the nebula from which the planets formed.

Jaymz (17-Nov-99 11:26:04 PM)
em casa, em frente ao computas

Erwin (17-Nov-99 11:26:11 PM)
All: The ZHR in Germany is very low !!! Is it possible that it will increase suddenly ??

cye (17-Nov-99 11:26:14 PM)
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Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:26:29 PM)
deko, the rate going down could be a sign that we have already passed the stream, but there is the saying "the calm before the storm"

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:26:34 PM)
Welcome Bas and Pat. Where are you from??

deko (17-Nov-99 11:26:37 PM)
the live image on the ESA site doesnt seem to be very live ?

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:26:39 PM)
hi bas hi pat - we're talking to spacecraft and meteor experts about the possible storm tonight

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:26:44 PM)
Erwin- you will see it increase in the next couple of hours

Jaymz (17-Nov-99 11:26:44 PM)
pll, i'm gonna sleep now. see ya all later

Jaymz (17-Nov-99 11:26:47 PM)
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Germain (17-Nov-99 11:26:50 PM)
Can we know by dust when the end of the solar system can appear ?

Cees (17-Nov-99 11:27:00 PM)
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Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 11:27:01 PM)
bernhard fleck: yes it's true. alot of misinformation going on.

Erwin (17-Nov-99 11:27:04 PM)
Marco - HA HA HA !!!

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:27:07 PM)
sleep well jaymz but set the alarm!

Tiago (17-Nov-99 11:27:09 PM)
good night anf goodby

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:27:09 PM)
Erwin - Yes it had better increase suddenly .

Pat (17-Nov-99 11:27:11 PM)
Pat is from Bonn, Germay

Tiago (17-Nov-99 11:27:14 PM)
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Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:27:17 PM)
Erwin, it could, the experts predicted a narrow high peak, a narrow stream.

Bas (17-Nov-99 11:27:19 PM)
No visual activity from Netherlands now....hi all

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:27:28 PM)
Hi Pat - are the skies clearing yet in Bonn?

Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:27:51 PM)
still cloudy in s. England

Bas (17-Nov-99 11:27:59 PM)
Nice brightclearings every now and then

Pat (17-Nov-99 11:28:03 PM)
now we have no clouds but no activity yet

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:28:08 PM)
Does the solar system move in space ?

deko (17-Nov-99 11:28:25 PM)
yeah its expanding and not getting any slower

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:28:31 PM)
enough weather ! any science questions? this is your chance to find out everything you need to know from the experts

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:28:35 PM)
Deko, the people in the know say live starts after 12

deko (17-Nov-99 11:28:43 PM)
i c

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:28:53 PM)
ok guys and girls, have to say good-bye.

deko (17-Nov-99 11:28:53 PM)
might be nice to have a message on there :)

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 11:29:10 PM)
Bye bernhard thanks for the info

Erwin (17-Nov-99 11:29:21 PM)
All : first 3 sec. burst from ms-beacon received from 1870 km away

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:29:27 PM)
Germain - yes it follows the sun in its orbit around the centre of the galaxy. It takes 100 million years to go round

Bernhard Fleck - Washington (17-Nov-99 11:29:31 PM)
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Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:29:43 PM)
by Bernard - thanks for joining.

Arik P Michigan (17-Nov-99 11:29:43 PM)
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jlsd (17-Nov-99 11:29:46 PM)
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Marco (Again) (17-Nov-99 11:29:46 PM)

qin (17-Nov-99 11:29:46 PM)
Do you think which music is best as background music during looking at Leonids tonight?

Pat (17-Nov-99 11:30:03 PM)
how high is the possibility to see activity here in Germany?

tos (17-Nov-99 11:30:14 PM)
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Erwin (17-Nov-99 11:30:25 PM)
10 %

pedro (17-Nov-99 11:30:36 PM)
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x0130525 (17-Nov-99 11:30:37 PM)
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deko (17-Nov-99 11:30:39 PM)
i know this sounds like a funny question...but is it possible to hear a leonid as you see it (ie no time delay) or am i hearing things

Sophal (17-Nov-99 11:30:44 PM)
how dense is the dust cloud we should go thru? gramme / cubic meter ?

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:30:47 PM)
qin - fireworks from Handel ... th lion king - any other ideas?

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:30:50 PM)
Where is the center of the galaxie ?

deko (17-Nov-99 11:30:57 PM)
cos i swear last year heard a big fireball rumble

Erwin (17-Nov-99 11:31:01 PM)
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jlsd (17-Nov-99 11:31:17 PM)
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jlsd (17-Nov-99 11:31:38 PM)
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Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:31:42 PM)
deko - yes people say you can hear them. Our scientists are trying to record their impacts reflecting off the atmopshere

kh6sr (17-Nov-99 11:31:44 PM)
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Germain (17-Nov-99 11:31:45 PM)
Can we see something out of the solar system ?

jlsd (17-Nov-99 11:31:56 PM)

deko (17-Nov-99 11:32:03 PM)
but how....sounds takes a long time to reach us.....

Benj' (17-Nov-99 11:32:05 PM)
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Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:32:07 PM)
deko, it is super supersonic, Mach 200, when you hear it everything is over

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:32:14 PM)
Germain - it is in the direction of Sagittarius

jlsd (17-Nov-99 11:32:15 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:32:27 PM)
SOPHAL - a quick calculation! We reckon it is a million millionth millionth of a gram per cubic metre in a typical meteor stream and maybe a thousand times more in the peak. OK?

deko (17-Nov-99 11:32:38 PM)
is it possible its a very low radio freq that somehow gets converted into audable sounds by buildings etc

goldfish - California (17-Nov-99 11:32:56 PM)
how long is the peak predicted to last

marie-paule (17-Nov-99 11:33:02 PM)
Germain bonsoir we are not so many french people chatting tonight. You should read Ciel et Espace . You would find there a lot of answers to many of your questions. Where are you staying now ,

Luc (17-Nov-99 11:33:26 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:33:28 PM)
Goldfish - we reckon one to two hours.

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:33:31 PM)
Germain - we can see stars outside our solar system - the stars you see with your eyes are outside . The sun is our star

deko -ESSEX UK (17-Nov-99 11:33:33 PM)
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goldfish - California (17-Nov-99 11:33:46 PM)
if the peak occurs before dark in california is it worth observing here?

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:33:53 PM)
Salut marie-paule ! No, I don't read Sky and Space but I should.

Dizzy Devil (17-Nov-99 11:33:58 PM)
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cye_Sweden (17-Nov-99 11:34:02 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:34:14 PM)
Goldfish - yes, you never know how long it will last!

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:34:27 PM)
marie-paule - we have French scientists here too !

Sophal (17-Nov-99 11:34:32 PM)
Ok, thanx. how many dust bigger than a grain of sand in one cubic Km ?

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:35:02 PM) Who are the french scientifics.

Are they here ?

Benj' (17-Nov-99 11:35:09 PM)
Here, near Nantes, it's cloudy...

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:35:21 PM)
Sophal - very few - maybe only one.

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:35:35 PM)
Bernard Foing et Jean-Pierre Lebreton vient dans quelques minutes

goldfish - California (17-Nov-99 11:35:37 PM)
has the fact that the 1998 leonids did not at the time predicted gone into the prediction for this year?

Paal Brekke - Washington DC (17-Nov-99 11:35:42 PM)
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Dizzy Devil Hamburg Germany (17-Nov-99 11:35:48 PM)
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deko -ESSEX UK (17-Nov-99 11:35:54 PM)
i would bloody hope so :)

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:36:07 PM)
Goldfish - yes, the predictions have been updated.

marie-paule (17-Nov-99 11:36:09 PM)
Chatmaster, I know you have french scientists, I just came too late to join the chat of Jean-Pierre Lebreton I met in NASA for Spacelab one and was a good friend!!!

deko -ESSEX UK (17-Nov-99 11:36:10 PM)
what do they get there research grants for :)

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:36:17 PM)
Thancks. I already speak with Jean Pierre Lebreton last night.

Dizzy Devil Hamburg Germany (17-Nov-99 11:36:25 PM)
And no one can stop me ;)

qin (17-Nov-99 11:36:30 PM)
is this event on the sky bad for our mental health?

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:36:48 PM)
patience - tell us more!

willem (17-Nov-99 11:37:01 PM)
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Germain (17-Nov-99 11:37:08 PM)
How can you visit the NASA marie-paule ?

sj (17-Nov-99 11:37:23 PM)
if you go outside without a coate qin

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:37:39 PM)
qin - why should it be bad for our mental health?

Dizzy Devil Hamburg Germany (17-Nov-99 11:37:53 PM)
qin:only if you're mental health is bad already

craig (17-Nov-99 11:37:56 PM)
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cye_Sweden (17-Nov-99 11:38:01 PM)
will there be downloadable anims from to nights events to morrow?

deko -ESSEX UK (17-Nov-99 11:38:10 PM)
fear of getting hit maybe :) if your paranoid

Doug Caswell (17-Nov-99 11:38:10 PM)
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marie-paule (17-Nov-99 11:38:27 PM)
Germain I registered on two sites of NASA/MSFC and JPL and I get messages every day

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:39:01 PM)
We are now joined by Dieter Isakeit from the Manned Space Station directorate. You can put your questions about protecting the space station

deko -ESSEX UK (17-Nov-99 11:39:06 PM)
did aony see any linearid's ?

Sophal (17-Nov-99 11:39:10 PM)
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Germain (17-Nov-99 11:39:13 PM)
Cool ! What is MSFC ?

Ektanoor (17-Nov-99 11:39:24 PM)
That reminds me of a comics character that was always afraid that something could fall from the sky :)

winonaite (17-Nov-99 11:39:28 PM)
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PEDRO (17-Nov-99 11:39:40 PM)
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Dieter Isakeit (17-Nov-99 11:39:40 PM)
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Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:40:19 PM)
Marshall spaceflight center

cj (17-Nov-99 11:40:40 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:40:41 PM)
deko - all the reports are that very few linearids were seen by anyone anywhere.

deko -ESSEX UK (17-Nov-99 11:40:42 PM)
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Germain (17-Nov-99 11:40:48 PM)
How can we visit it ?

kh6sr (17-Nov-99 11:40:51 PM)
Since the NASA team has so much real-time input on the meteor flux, why have they provided no online graph of these rates for everyone to keep up on the shower's progress?

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:40:52 PM)
Dieter - are there any special plans for the protection of the International Space Station?

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:40:59 PM)
The NASA and the MSFC .

qin (17-Nov-99 11:41:03 PM)
dizzy. I have experienced schizophrenia.

PEDRO (17-Nov-99 11:41:19 PM)

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:41:31 PM)

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:41:53 PM)
khosr - you can see some radar rates at

winonaite (17-Nov-99 11:41:57 PM)
What are the odds of an impact on the ISS even with a 1966 scale meteor flux?

Stenmark (17-Nov-99 11:41:58 PM)
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willem (17-Nov-99 11:42:08 PM)
to kh6sr there is cuurently a site where you can see the flux (with 3 htrs delay) you can easily get there through ESOC site

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:42:20 PM)
dieter - is there any danger to the Space Station elements that are already in orbit?

Dieter Isakeit (17-Nov-99 11:42:35 PM)
Chatmaster, the International Space Station is shielded against the impact of meteoroids and space debris by a multi-layer protection of solid and flexible material.

Petit Prince (17-Nov-99 11:42:42 PM)
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Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:42:43 PM)
willem - esoc tell us the updates are now hourly

PEDRO (17-Nov-99 11:42:44 PM)

kh6sr (17-Nov-99 11:42:59 PM)
thanks willem, I'll have a look there

willem (17-Nov-99 11:43:03 PM)
good I did not seee that yet

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:43:10 PM)
Hello Petit Prince - where are you watching the leonids from?

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:43:17 PM)

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:43:29 PM)

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:43:46 PM)
that was the news from rudiger jehn from esoc - he was updating the page now

Petit Prince (17-Nov-99 11:43:53 PM)
Brussels if the weather outside is OK will check..

Bas (17-Nov-99 11:43:56 PM)
Bright large clearing, bright moon, no visible activity, centre Netherlands

willem (17-Nov-99 11:43:58 PM)
Germain I can garantee you it is not going to get any warmer!

blb (17-Nov-99 11:44:12 PM)
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Germain (17-Nov-99 11:44:18 PM)
I know

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:44:47 PM)
Dieter - do you know of instances of impact on the current elements of the ISS?

PEDRO (17-Nov-99 11:45:10 PM)

marie-paule (17-Nov-99 11:45:13 PM)
METEO France has scheduled snow for the night!!

willem (17-Nov-99 11:45:15 PM)
John the CRESTEch data on ESOC are still with 3 hrs delay the rest is not active yet as far as I can see

Bas (17-Nov-99 11:45:15 PM)
Who is online now ? Can everybody shout something, including country info ?

winonaite (17-Nov-99 11:45:17 PM)
I'm in Ely, UK with a thin layer of high cloud. Nothing yet, although the radiant is still below the horizon here.

Petit Prince (17-Nov-99 11:45:31 PM)
Funny netherlands clear in Brussels rain, so close by

Kochab (17-Nov-99 11:45:44 PM)
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Bas (17-Nov-99 11:45:45 PM)
Bas, Gorinchem, Netherlands

willem (17-Nov-99 11:45:46 PM)
willem is in spain

PEDRO (17-Nov-99 11:45:56 PM)

sj (17-Nov-99 11:45:57 PM)
Ned meterik limburg

Dizzy Devil Hamburg Germany (17-Nov-99 11:45:59 PM)
YO Bas ! All's clear on the northern front

qin (17-Nov-99 11:46:13 PM)
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Bas (17-Nov-99 11:46:24 PM)
We have heavy showers every now and then, but bright large clearings too

prolud (17-Nov-99 11:46:25 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:46:26 PM)
Hello Kochab where are you watching the Leonids from??

Dieter Isakeit (17-Nov-99 11:46:49 PM)
winonaite: I do not know the exact statistical figures, but it must be something about 0.1% risk of an impact from the Leonids.

Kochab (17-Nov-99 11:46:52 PM)
Kochab France Est

sj (17-Nov-99 11:47:04 PM)
stil cloudy here

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:47:05 PM)
welcome kochab

Bas (17-Nov-99 11:47:07 PM)
Also checking radio reflections, 72,11 Mhz radio station Breslau

Kochab (17-Nov-99 11:47:14 PM)
Clouds and snow

Gill (17-Nov-99 11:47:15 PM)
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Germain (17-Nov-99 11:47:16 PM)
I'm waiting for the snow because we hope to see some comets dust.

cye_Sweden (17-Nov-99 11:47:20 PM)
dieter has there been any special precautions taken on the iss to night?

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:47:21 PM)
raining now here at ESTEC ...

cooper (17-Nov-99 11:47:24 PM)
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cooper (17-Nov-99 11:47:32 PM)
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John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:47:34 PM)
Hot news- its now raining in Noordwijk, the Netherlands

Cooper (17-Nov-99 11:47:39 PM)
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cj (17-Nov-99 11:47:41 PM)
has it started yet? light cloud here on the North East coast of england can't see anything yet, has anyone?

winonaite (17-Nov-99 11:48:07 PM)
Dieter Isakeit: thanks for the info. With the sheidling you describe, that doesn't sound too serious.

Bas (17-Nov-99 11:48:10 PM)
No activity in Netherlands yet

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:48:19 PM)
cj - still quite early - keep watching if skies are clear

Dizzy Devil Hamburg Germany (17-Nov-99 11:48:28 PM)
remember last year? the weather was just as fun:(

Victor (17-Nov-99 11:48:54 PM)
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PEDRO (17-Nov-99 11:49:07 PM)
hello victor

Victor (17-Nov-99 11:49:12 PM)
Hello Pedro

sj (17-Nov-99 11:49:22 PM)
it is claering up now in limburg

Bas (17-Nov-99 11:49:25 PM)
Hi Victor

blb (17-Nov-99 11:49:26 PM)
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PEDRO (17-Nov-99 11:49:27 PM)

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:49:28 PM)
welcome back victor - you can put questions to IISS expert Dieter

cj (17-Nov-99 11:49:38 PM)
k thanks is 02:00 gmt still going to be the best time? or is that just a guess

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:50:03 PM)
Remind me - how many elements of the International Space Station are already in orbit?

Kochab (17-Nov-99 11:50:13 PM)
I come back later. I monitor the sky, but little hope.

Kochab (17-Nov-99 11:50:16 PM)
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Dieter Isakeit (17-Nov-99 11:50:21 PM)
to cye_Sweden: The NASA mission specialists for the International Space Station have concluded that the present attitude of the station (which is not yet occupied by a crew and which is consisting of two elements: Zarya and Unity) is anyhow the optimum (or less bad) orientation to fly through the Leonids. This configuration is called " FGB-x Nadir" which means that the long axis of the Russian Zarya (FGB) module point towards the Earth.

Victor (17-Nov-99 11:50:25 PM)
Chatmaster Hi :)

prolud (17-Nov-99 11:50:34 PM)
seeing quite bad here in the alps after the snow, see one trail at 22.30 UT, but coming from NW (erratic)! waiting for much fun later

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:50:35 PM)
cj - still the best time ...

Victor (17-Nov-99 11:50:37 PM)
Back at home, waiting for the driver.. hehe

winonaite (17-Nov-99 11:50:40 PM)
There were some pretty bright ones at around this time on the 16th last year. Here in Ely there were about 20 in 30 minutes.

Benj' (17-Nov-99 11:50:46 PM)
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cj (17-Nov-99 11:50:57 PM)
thanks cya l8r

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:51:08 PM)
prolud - better than most! Detlef Koschny in OSN saw 2 while on line to us.

willem (17-Nov-99 11:51:08 PM)
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goldfish - California (17-Nov-99 11:51:09 PM)
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Gill (17-Nov-99 11:51:32 PM)
Do you have the web side where I can see the newest information of Leonids at the east coast of Canada.

cye_Sweden (17-Nov-99 11:51:35 PM)
dieter oki =)

winonaite (17-Nov-99 11:51:38 PM)
How frequently will the live web images be updated?

Victor (17-Nov-99 11:51:42 PM)
Chatmaster Any improvement on activity?

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:52:46 PM)
winonaite - the near live images will be updated as soon as we get any pictures from our observers in Spain, they can send one approx every 15 mins

Gill (17-Nov-99 11:53:23 PM)

Bas (17-Nov-99 11:53:23 PM)
How does ESA monitor Leonid activity ? Visual, radar ?

PEDRO (17-Nov-99 11:53:32 PM)
victor, nothing at all in portugal, i think.

John Zarnecki (17-Nov-99 11:53:51 PM)
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Germain (17-Nov-99 11:54:01 PM)
On you can have constalations

winonaite (17-Nov-99 11:54:01 PM)
Chatmaster - thanks very much. How much of the sky is shown in the sample image currrently available?

sj (17-Nov-99 11:54:07 PM)
is sombody of dms online

Dieter Isakeit (17-Nov-99 11:54:08 PM)
Hallo Gill and welcome on the ESA Science Internet Forum

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:54:14 PM)
hi Gill - have you any questions for Dieter or the scientists?

Victor (17-Nov-99 11:54:23 PM)
Pedro Until 12:30 you wont see nothing :(

JoJo (17-Nov-99 11:54:30 PM)
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Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:54:31 PM)
what dms?

sj (17-Nov-99 11:54:53 PM)
dutch meteor society

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:54:55 PM)
welcome jojo - where are you? Were talking to ISS expert Dieter

Victor (17-Nov-99 11:55:16 PM)
Dieter What is the current schelude for the next launchs for ISS?

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:55:21 PM)
For Chatmaster: How many stars are they in the galaxie ?

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:55:32 PM)
Ahhh - Marc Neyts from DMS (i think? ) is with our team in Spain!

cye_Sweden (17-Nov-99 11:55:39 PM)
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PEDRO (17-Nov-99 11:55:42 PM)
12:30 or 24:30 victor?

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:55:54 PM)
a million million, says john

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:56:08 PM)
thanck y ou

Victor (17-Nov-99 11:56:09 PM)
Pedro 00:30, 01:00 better

Bas (17-Nov-99 11:56:11 PM)
I'm going out for a visual observation............

Bas (17-Nov-99 11:56:20 PM)

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:56:29 PM)
let us know what you see Bas

sj (17-Nov-99 11:56:33 PM)
is marc online

PEDRO (17-Nov-99 11:56:38 PM)
thank` victor

Victor (17-Nov-99 11:56:48 PM)
Chatmaster Billions and billions.. :)

Pat (17-Nov-99 11:56:50 PM)
okay, i'm going out, too

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:56:59 PM)
bye pat - let us know!

Stenmark (17-Nov-99 11:57:32 PM)
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kh6sr (17-Nov-99 11:57:37 PM)
too warm here in Hawaii; time for some ice cream (1 pm local time)

sj (17-Nov-99 11:57:41 PM)
how where rates last nite

Chatmaster (17-Nov-99 11:57:49 PM)
we meant a million times a million which is bigger than a few billion ...

Petit Prince (17-Nov-99 11:57:50 PM)
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Richard Marsden (17-Nov-99 11:57:51 PM)
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winonaite (17-Nov-99 11:57:56 PM)
Depends on what you call stars. For main sequence, I would have thought 400,000 million was closer. If you add things like brown dwarves, then a million million sounds about right.

Gill (17-Nov-99 11:58:07 PM)
I am living in the down town of Toronto-city. unfortunately, there are many light and neons at outside. Do you think I will able to see Leonids?

Dieter Isakeit (17-Nov-99 11:58:11 PM)
To Victor: We are now waiting for the launch of the third element, the Russian Service Module, which is expected to be launced early 2000. We from ESA are looking forward impatiently to this launch since the Russian Service Module sees the first European hardware that will go to the station: the Data Management System for the Russian Service Module (DMS-R) which is the onboard computer of the module. Then, once the Russian Service Module is on orbit, the first station crew will come. This is expected for early summer.

Germain (17-Nov-99 11:58:19 PM)
Is they a website where we can see the earth from satellites in real time ?

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